Saturday, June 29, 2019

Before & After: Bathroom Makeover

Hello! We're back with a full before and after reveal for ya today. Our bathroom is done! You've probably seen it already, but we wanted to pop in today to share more photos and talk about all of the changes we've made. If you'd like to catch up so far, you can see our teaser post here and our collaboration post with The Home Depot here. Also - we had something really, really exciting happen with this project. It was featured on Emily Henderson's blog along with some really amazing DIY bathroom makeovers, and I could not feel more grateful and honored to be included on the site of my favorite interior designer.

So, let me take it back to June 2016 when we bought this very sweet little Surznick Ranch. The bathroom was brown/beige/yellow to the extreme. It was frankly awful in my opinion, so I quickly painted the walls from yellow to white in order to try and tone down some of the warmth. We didn't do much to the space beyond that, except throw up a print on the wall and install some towel hooks.

Fast forward to October 2018 - we were nearly finished with our master bedroom makeover and I was ready to start making moves on the bathroom. I started by painting the tile floor out of the blue one day, and rest of the makeover kind of spiraled from there. It was a slow makeover that we didn't finish until six months later, but it's been quite the transformation in that time. Below are some before and after shots, but keep reading below if you want the details and sources on all of the changes we made in this tiny space.

It's so. much. better. Right? We love how this space turned out and anticipate keeping it this way for a long time. It's possible that someday we will completely gut and renovate the bathroom, but it's low on our priority list. For now, we're happy to have a functional and updated space that's pretty and better fits the vibe and style of the rest of our home.

As for the makeover, let's start with paint. There's a lot of it - nearly every surface, actually. As mentioned above, I started with the floor. I was super inspired by Jenny Komenda's painted patio, as well as this floor, and somewhat combined the color and patterns into the floor you see here. Besides the measuring and drawing of each colored section, painting the floor did not take long. I believe I did two coats of primer and two coats of each color, and ended up finishing it in a single weekend. We later added a single coat of sealer, but it wasn't enough to completely withstand our continued renovations, so I ended up repainting the floor and adding a TON of sealer again towards the end of our makeover. Since then we've had no issues with chips, peeling paint, etc. and it feels super solid.

Once the floor was painted, the white-ish tub and beige wall tile looked even worse than before - dull, dingy, and just not the color we wanted. We used the Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refreshing Kit to paint the tub and all of the tile walls, and now they're beautiful, white, and bright. If you have bathroom tile that you hate but don't want to remove, I really can't recommend this product enough. We followed the directions on the box to a T and it is holding up incredibly well. You have to really, really clean and prep your tile prior to painting, but don't skimp on these steps if you want a great result.

The only thing that I don't like about the product is that you have to use it quickly (within 8 hours of mixing the epoxy, if I'm remembering correctly.) This isn't a typical paint - it's an epoxy that you have to create by mixing two cans together, and it solidifies as it dries. We opened a can and only managed to get up one coat before we had to call it a day, and by the next day the "paint" (epoxy) was solid in the can. Also, the fumes are BAD, so you'll want to take precautions for that. We kept our cats in the basement all day, had windows open (even though it was still winter), had multiple fans blowing, and wore face masks. Overall, the tile feels exactly like... tile. It's shiny and solid and doesn't at all feel like it's "painted." I don't think it even really looks like it, unless you look closely. Two thumbs up.

Above the wall tile, we wanted to create a little texture and something more custom and interesting than just painted walls. Again, inspired by Jenny Komenda, we decided to add a plank wall created out of MDF sheets that we ripped into planks. This was definitely one of the tougher aspects of this project, but we're happy with how it turned out. Apparently if you live in the Southwest, you can just buy MDF planks directly from Home Depot. Unfortunately these are not available where we live, so we had to use a table saw to cut them down and that led to some irregularities in the boards. I don't think you can tell from looking at the wall, but we had to be very careful about the order in which we attached them in order to keep the spacing even.

We generally followed the tutorial Jenny outlined in the post linked above, but the gist is that we used a bead of liquid nails to stick the board to the wall and then added finishing nails hold it in place. After all of the boards were attached, we filled in the nail holes and gave everything a couple coats of primer and dark gray-blue paint (Liquid Mercury by BEHR.)

Our bathroom previously had a pedestal sink, but we wanted to swap it out for a vanity that provided more storage in our small space. We installed the Hemnes vanity with the Odensvik sink from IKEA and a Kingston Brass faucet. This was our first time doing plumbing work in our home, and while it wasn't a walk in the park, I'm proud that we installed this sink (and repaired a slow leak) without any major issues (yay!) We switched out the standard vanity hardware with these pretty brass handles from CB2, and we love how they tie in with the new light.

The light is made by Illuminate Vintage, who we've purchased two other lights from for our house (the music room and bedroom ceiling lights.) We love how this is similar to the others we have, but in an interesting and unique shape that we haven't seen before. We did have to hire our favorite electrician to come in and rework the wiring for us. We assume that the bathroom used to have a built-in medicine cabinet with sconces on the side, and then someone was too lazy to change the wiring before installing the medicine cabinet/mirror/light combo that we inherited. All is good now though!

Since this is such a small bathroom, we wanted to make sure we were utilizing our space in the best way possible, so we added some wood shelving both in the shower and above the sink and toilet. The idea to add the shelf above the sink and toilet actually solved a big problem for us: when we removed the medicine cabinet/mirror, we had a 3' section of wall that was missing the top row of tile (as seen above). Since the plank wall was aligned with the top tiles along the other walls, we were going to have a 2" gap here that we needed to fill in. We ended up chipping out the rest of the top tiles on this wall and built/installed this poplar wood shelf. We kept the wood unstained, but it has a few coats of polyurethane on it to help keep it looking fresh. I also love the natural separation it creates between the tile and the plank wall.

In the shower, we wanted to make the most of the window space since it's really our only spot for shampoo, soap, etc. I love a copper pipe DIY (see here, here, or here), so we built a three-tier shelf out of copper pipe and poplar boards. Since this wood will be directly exposed to water, we sealed it with deck sealer, and it's holding up well! I also love that we can actually have some plants in our bathroom now.

For some finishing touches we installed a new door (with the same mid-century trim treatment as our bedroom door makeover), new matte black shower head/tub spout, a round black mirror and toilet paper holder, a new shower curtain, and artwork from Juniper Print Shop.

This whole makeover turned out better than we could have imagined. While we did have some electrical and plumbing help, we DIYed everything else and I'm really proud of how it worked. This space is definitely elevated from where we started, and it feels like it fits in with the rest of our home instead of being the sore thumb of the house (oh wait, that's the kitchen.) I'll link everything I can think of below, but if you have any questions, please let us know!

Floor paint - Glidden Bay Coral, Glidden Golden Moment, BEHR Starless Night
Floor sealer - Green Building Supply
Tub & Tile Refreshing Kit - Rust-Oleum (available at Home Depot)
Shower head - Home Depot
Tub spout - Home Depot
Shampoo bottles - Target
Planters - Synthesis
Shower curtain - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Shower curtain rod (it's actually a regular curtain rod) - Target
Shower curtain hooks - Target
Plank wall - MDF sheets (available at Home Depot), tutorial by Juniper Home
Vanity/Sink - IKEA
Brass handles - CB2
Toilet paper holder - Amazon
Faucet - Home Depot
Round mirror - Target
Matchstick holder - Etsy
Brass light - Illuminate Vintage
Women print - Juniper Print Shop
Towel knobs - Target (old), similar
Towels - Target
Door - Home Depot, mid-century trim tutorial

I know this one was a doozy, so thanks for reading!

Sarah & Nick

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Painted Bathroom Tile Makeover

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

Ready to transform your bathroom in an afternoon? We recently gave our bathroom a much needed makeover by making our formerly beige tile bright and white with the Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refreshing Kit, and it is a game. changer. Painted tile? YES, you can do it and we highly recommend it.

We worked with Home Depot on this project and we're so excited to share it with you today. First, we'll take a little trip down memory lane to show you what this bathroom looked like last fall. Since moving in, we had painted the peachy-orange walls white to lighten things up a bit, but the rest of the space had been left pretty much as is.

I'll admit that we were a little nervous to paint our tub and tile, but we can't believe how well it turned out. At about $25 a kit, this is a quick and easy transformation that can fit nearly every budget. While the painted tile is definitely the showstopper of this space, nearly every surface in this room was modified or updated in some way, and we couldn't be happier with it. Below are some sneak peeks, but to get all the details, head over to The Home Depot blog to get the full scoop on how a little bit of paint can go a long way.

Thanks for reading!
Sarah & Nick

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Monday, December 31, 2018

Before & After: Master Bedroom Makeover

This post has been a long time coming, but we're stoked to finally share it - our before and after bedroom makeover! First, let's take a little trip down memory lane. This is what our master bedroom looked like when we moved into the house.

Basically just an empty, white room with bad trim. Our plans for the space were resurfacing and painting the walls, swapping out the trim, framing and trimming the windows and closet, swapping out the door, reconfiguring the closet, furnishing, and decorating. You can see some of our decor ideas here.

You may remember that we finished the bedroom door several months ago. In fact, the majority of the room has been complete for months, but we had some final tasks to finish up before it was ready to share. Now it's all complete, and she's lookin' good.

The showstopper of the room is definitely the blue swirl wallpaper from Milton & King x Poppytalk. We actually won this wallpaper in a giveaway and were so excited to use it in our room. It just looks perfect behind our navy bed, doesn't it? This is real wallpaper (meaning it has to be applied with paste), so we were a little hesitant to hang it ourselves. Luckily we were only doing one wall and it's a pretty forgiving pattern (no continual pattern between sheets), so it was worth it for us to DIY instead of hiring it out.

I feel like a real adult having sconces for our bedside lights. We decided to get plug-in sconces rather than hardwired though, just in case we ever decide to switch up the layout of the room (not likely considering this is a small bedroom but who knows.) They're the Crosby Swing Arm sconce from Target and we dig them a lot. We did have an electrician install outlets on each side of the bed (where the sconces are plugged in), and they have USB ports (!!!) for our phones, which we love.

To the left of the bed, you'll find some pieces from our old apartment - our salvaged ladder and our copper pipe plant stand (that fern is faux, btw!) Next to them is my "desk", but really it's more of my vanity. I keep my laptop here, but mostly just so it has a home. This is where I do my makeup in the morning, in front of this awesome hanging mirror we grabbed on clearance from Target a couple years ago.

In the gallery above my desk we have a 'do-not-disturb' door tag from Ace Hotel Pittsburgh, where we got married. It was a wedding gift from a friend and a lovely reminder of our wedding day. We also have an art print from Minted (seen in this post) and a print from Juniper Print Shop. The blue mobile/hanging is from Urban Outfitters, many years ago. The desk itself is from Amazon, and my chair is a spare that we didn't need at our dining room table.

You may or may not remember the closet system we installed in our guest bedroom last year. Both of our dressers and closets are continuing to live in the guest bedroom, and it really works out great for us. The master bedroom is small (only 9.5' x 12.5') and we just wouldn't have the room to house our clothes/dressers in there. With that said, we decided to turn the closet in the master bedroom into a linen closet. We were really lacking space for towels, extra sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. and knew this would be the perfect space. The shelves are pine and turned out beautifully - Nick built them and they're holding up great. We added simple bifold doors from Lowe's that we dressed up with trim, just like our bedroom door.

So that's our master bedroom! This room is definitely my favorite in the house. I'm by no means an interior designer, but I'm proud of how I decorated and styled this room. To me it's beautiful, cohesive, and calming. It's truly the first room in our house that is done 100% (not even the music room is done done) and that feels really freaking good after 2.5 years in our house. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

I have a full source list for you below, but if there's anything you have questions on, be sure to leave us a comment!

Desk/Vanity - Amazon
Eames Desk Chair - Amazon
Mirror - Target (old); similar
Glasses Holder - Amazon
Cat Ring Holder - Target
'Not Now' Art - Ace Hotel Pittsburgh
'Ha Ha Ha' Print - Minted
'I Like You Very Much' Print - Juniper Print Shop
Mobile - Urban Outfitters (old)
Copper Plant Stand - DIY
Faux Fern - Target
Ladder - Vintage (Read our post about it here)
Gray Throw - Target
Wallpaper - Milton & King x Poppytalk
Pipe Prints - Juniper Print Shop (No longer available; Read about how we print engineering prints here)
Bed - Amazon
Chambray Sheets - Target
Pink Pillow - Target
Quilt - Target
Yellow Throw - West Elm
Nightstands - Amazon
Sconces - Target
Wall Hanging - Target
Wake Up Light - Amazon
Brass Ceiling Light - Illuminate Vintage
Black Circle Print - Minted
Blinds - Home Depot
Closet Doors - Lowe's (Read about how we add trim to our doors here)

Thanks for reading!

Sarah & Nick