About Us

Welcome to The Surznick Common Room!

For business inquiries or a copy of our media kit, please email contact@thesurznickcommonroom.com.

What's in a name?
Surz = Sarah,  Nick = Nick,  Common Room = A nod to our love for Harry Potter.

Surznick by the numbers:
We are 29 years old.
We live in the 412 (that's Pittsburgh, PA for those not in the know)
We've been together for over 10 years
We have 2 kitties! Meet them here.
Together we've visited 13 states (and more every year!)
We bought our 1st house in 2016!
We've gone to over 80 concerts together.
We own over 300 books (it's really too many too count.)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Sarah & Nick