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Friday, March 23, 2018

Lately... (XIII)

Hi - happy Friday! We hope you're all doing well. Just wanted to check and in and let you know what's going on with us lately and what's to come here on the blog (we haven't forgotten about it, promise.)

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for all of the positive feedback on my last post about my current thoughts on buying clothes. It's a topic that I'm thinking about constantly, and I really appreciate all of the kind and encouraging comments and messages. I'm discovering new places to shop all the time and still scouring ThredUp frequently for second-hand items to add to my closet. In addition to buying clothes from ThredUp, you can also send them your clothes for resale via one of their closet clean-out bags. I will be doing that this weekend and am looking forward to heading into spring/summer with a lighter wardrobe. If this topic is something you'd like me to talk about more, or if you want me to share any of my recent clothing purchases that are ethical/sustainable, please let me know.

On a kind of similar topic, I've been spending the past several months slowly switching over to more natural home cleaning, skincare, and beauty products. This is a topic that I'm seeing discussed a lot on other blogs/social media and it's been so helpful having that wealth of information out there. In 2017 our new year's resolution was to stop purchasing/using paper towels in our home, and we completed that successfully. This year I'm focusing more on switching out other products - so far I've replaced our dish soap, hand soap, all-purpose cleaner, shampoo, body wash, face wash, deodorant, foundation, mascara, lipstick, and blush (whew - I think that's it so far.) I'm trying to find products that are not super pricey and are widely available. If you want me to share more about this in a separate post, again, please let me know!

Progress on our house renovation projects has been slow. You may have seen a peek at our in-progress bedroom makeover on Instagram, but we still need to finish several tasks in that room before we deem it ready for a before and after reveal. I'm hoping that upcoming warmer weather will get us feeling invigorated and ready to tackle more home projects again. Nick will be on spring break next week, so that will help to knock out some final tasks too! Last weekend we started ripping out the hedges in our front yard, and it's my goal to continue working on our yard and garden this spring/summer we can have an awesome outdoor spot to relax.

We've also been spending a lot of time exploring this city we love. Since getting back from our honeymoon at the end of January, we've been trying to visit a new-to-us Pittsburgh restaurant every weekend. I started listening to the Good Food Pittsburgh podcast and discovered that over 50 new restaurants opened in Pittsburgh last year and most of them I've never even heard of! So we have a wish list going of everywhere we'd like to visit and these are the places we've checked off already:

Pear and the Pickle
Gluten Free Goat
Threadbare Cider
Michigan and Trumbull
Madeleine Bakery and Bistro
Bitter Ends Garden and Luncheonette
Floor 2
Condado Tacos

And in case you're wondering, our favorite restaurants that we go to constantly are B52, Relish, Iron Born, and Kelly's. We also purchased Pittsburgh coffee passports and are working our way through those too! It's only $20 and you get to go to 10 different coffee shops and get a drink from their special coffee passport menu. Nick has been exclusively getting black coffee so he can compare and pick his favorite, but I've been trying out different lattes pretty much everywhere. A latte for only $2? Yes, please!

So now let's do a 180 and talk about the opposite of delicious food and drinks - exercise, ha. I joined ClassPass last month and have been enjoying checking out new fitness classes in the city. I took a few spin classes in the fall and really liked it, so I'm glad to be getting back into it. The plan I do is 5 classes for $30 per month. If you have any favorite classes or studios, let me know! And if you want to try out ClassPass, my referral link gets you $30 off (so essentially one month free!)

Finally, if you've been following Nick on Instagram (@nmalburg), you know he's been doing a lot of bread baking. If you're in the Pittsburgh area and are interested in purchasing a loaf of his sourdough, be sure to send him a message!

So that's about it - we have our wedding photos back so we will be sharing some wedding posts really soon, and more honeymoon posts (promise!) Thanks for reading.

Sarah & Nick


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