April 2017 - The Surznick Common Room

Friday, April 28, 2017

Lately... (X)

Hi there, it's us! It's been eerily quiet around here, huh? Apologies for the radio silence. We've just been... living, I guess. Our weeks have been filled with work and our weekends with chores, fun, and relaxing when we can (I've been watching a lot of Fixer Upper.) None of it has felt very "blog worthy" (except this bacon shiplap screenshot below.)

I'm not really sure what changed, but ever since returning from our trip in February, I've felt less attached to social media. I scroll through Instagram maybe every other day and post even less. It's kind of freeing, but at the same time I feel like I'm missing out sometimes.

Anyway, we do miss sharing here and wanted to pop in to give a little update on our lives. We're still trying to figure out how we want to move forward with posting content regularly but not working ourselves to the bone just to have something to say here. We hope you stick with us while we figure it out.

Killer sunrise taken after a morning run this week
Wedding Things
If you missed our last post on #MeetTheMeowburg wedding plans, check it out here. Not much has changed since then, but we did 100% confirm our venue! It's beautiful and totally us and we're stoked to get married there.

My mom is coming to visit us soon and while she's here we are going to make my bouquet. I'll share a tutorial on that once it's done! The flowers I purchased are faux, but so beautiful. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

This weekend we're going to try and get the guest list ready so we can send out save the dates. And we're hoping to nail down a photographer soon!

Concerts and Other Fun Things
In early April we drove to Cleveland to see New Found Glory on their 20 year anniversary tour. IT WAS AWESOME. I saw NFG for the first time in 8th grade on their Sticks and Stones tour and saw them several more times in the years following. I will never grow tired or ashamed of the music I loved as a teen and getting to see NFG perform Sticks and Stones and their self-titled album in their entirety in one night was a DREAM.

Popped into East End on a sunny Saturday afternoon
Speaking of music I loved in 8th grade... tonight we'll be heading to emo karaoke at Mr. Smalls. This is easily becoming our favorite monthly tradition. Live band karaoke with only songs you know and love? It's the best.

This month we also went to Howl at the Moon (a piano bar) for our friend Jess's birthday, babysat our cute little niece Cece, spent a day brewing beer with our friends Sarah and Sam for their upcoming wedding, attended a vegan dinner with some of our favorite PGH blogging friends, and window-shopped at the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer.

As the weather gets nicer, pretty much all I want to do is walk around neighborhoods and do fun city things. Any recommendations for cool things coming up in PGH?

Home Projects
We finished the dining room! If you have not yet checked out our post about it, or our post on the Home Depot blog, please do! I love seeing that pretty patterned wall every morning.

Now that the dining room is done, it's on to the master bedroom. We shared our plans for this awhile back but haven't gotten further than that yet. We just ordered our ceiling light fixture (that we also used in Nick's music room.) As soon as it arrives we'll have our electrician come in to swap out the massive ceiling fan for the new light and add some new outlets (all of our outlets are poorly placed.) Can't wait to see it all come together.

A few weeks ago Nick and our friend Geoff started a garden in our backyard. It started as mostly Geoff's project, as he needed space for his plants, but now it's everyone's little baby and we're excited to see how everything does. They planted tomatoes, green peppers, Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli, wineberry, and strawberries. There are also a few prickly pear cacti in there that I hope to one day transfer to the front of our house. The only downfall so far is the deer. For living in the city, we have an insane amount of deer in our neighborhood and they eat everything. For now we've placed Irish Spring soap in cheesecloth bags all around the garden to deter them. It's semi-effective, but we're open to other recommendations. Send them our way!

We also started composting! It's going surprisingly well and we both feel awesome that our food scraps are not going right into the trash. We've also been very meticulously meal planning each week, so luckily we have less scraps/waste than we used to anyway. We'll share a post about how we started composting soon in case you're interested to try!

I think that's pretty much it? My best friend will be visiting from Alaska soon and I can't wait to see her! And in a couple weeks we'll be heading to Baltimore to see My Favorite Murder live. What have you been up to lately?

Sarah & Nick

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Before & After: Dining Room Makeover

Our joint living room-dining room area has been slowly progressing over the past 9 months and we are so close to being completely finished. So far you've seen our art prints above the sofa and our color-coded built-in bookcases, but today it's all about the dining room. We are SO EXCITED to work with Home Depot on this project and to finally share it with you!

Most of the beautiful after photos of the space are over on the Home Depot Blog, so make sure you go check that out! We wanted to put up this post so you could really get a feel for the ugly "before" space that we were working with:

Hard to believe we lived with this little table and mismatched chairs for so long. Today it is really a million times better. We updated our floor trim, cased and trimmed the window, added new window treatments, hung some floating shelves, and got a gorgeous new dining table. I also hand-painted the pattern on the wall (yes, that is NOT wallpaper!)

Sources (If I missed anything, let me know!):
Dining table
Eames chairs
Door paint
Pineapple door knocker
Round jute doormat
Wall paint
Cordless window shade
Floating shelves
Fiddle leaf fig (It's faux! Smaller size here)

For more details and photos, check out our post on the Home Depot blog! Thanks for reading and for your support!

Sarah & Nick

Friday, April 7, 2017

#MeetTheMeowburgs: The Plan

We've been engaged about a month and a half already and we're well on our way to planning our wedding. We knew we wanted to have a relatively short engagement, so with about 10 months to get everything figured out it feels like we're talking wedding stuff everyday.

To be honest, it's a little overwhelming. Most "wedding planning schedules" I've found are 12 months and we have less than 9 months to go. Also, I'm not someone that's been thinking about my wedding since childhood, so I didn't have anything in mind other than to marry Nick. We're figuring it ALL out as we go. But despite us not having any ideas for our wedding, we've been hearing, "You're going to have the coolest DIY wedding ever!" for years now. Long before we were even engaged. NO PRESSURE, RIGHT?

Just kidding (kind of.) It's actually been kind of hard for me to let go of outside expectations of our wedding and to just do what we want. Our favorite weddings that we've attended have been 100+ people, a full meal, open bar, tons of dancing, etc. The "typical" wedding, I guess. Even though people probably expect us to have a backyard wedding with a pizza buffet, it's not exactly what we're going for. Regardless, we have had a few requests to share everything about our wedding here on the blog, so we're going to get started today with the plan (thus far.)

Pittsburgh, of course! We 98% have our venue - we just need to sign the contract. Pretty excited about it though.

January 2018 - it'll be here before we know it! We'll actually be getting married on our 9 year dating anniversary, which is cute, but also we only have one date to remember forever, so it's convenient.

Wedding Party
We're not having one! This is a bit non-traditional, but picking out a wedding party felt more like picking out a MySpace Top 8 and we just didn't feel comfortable playing favorites with our friends/family (we love them all!) So we're going sans-wedding party.

If you couldn't already tell, we have a hashtag! Thanks to our friend Jess, we will be celebrating our wedding with #MeetTheMeowburgs. (Because cats + Malburg.)

I already bought a dress online! I just couldn't picture myself in a boutique trying on dress after dress with a bunch of people around, so I found something pretty online and bought it. I obviously can't talk much about it yet, but you'll see it in 9 months.

I'm making my own bouquet! I'm pretty excited about this too. I'll share a tutorial here (assuming all goes well, ha.)

I think that's it so far! What else do you guys want to know? I think our next things to figure out are photography and a DJ... any recommendations? Thanks for reading!

Sarah & Nick