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Friday, January 13, 2017

Bedroom Inspiration & Ideas

Since we moved into our house last summer, we've actually been sleeping in what will become our guest bedroom. We planned on buying a new bed, so we kept our old bed to use as a guest bed. At the time we didn't have a new bed yet and it seemed silly to put the "guest bed" in the master bedroom only to move it again later.

Now that we cleaned out the master bedroom closet and added the open closet system in the guest bedroom, the master is completely empty. We've finished up some of the higher priority projects (music room, basement, bookshelves), so we're totally ready to take on the bedroom and I'M SO EXCITED.

Today we're sharing some before photos of the space, plus inspiration images and ideas we have for the room. Let's get started!


As you can see, it's small, but I think it will actually feel pretty spacious since our dressers and closets are in the guest bedroom. It has two windows which let in nice light during the day. Other than that, it's a total blank slate.


one  /  two  /  three

We want this space to feel bright, airy, and relaxing. Our last bedroom was so dark and dingy, and I just hated being in there. Rooms that let in a lot of light and don't have too much clutter make me happy, so that's what we're going for (as best as we can.) These spaces are all a bit different, but have things we want - a colorful, upholstered bed as a focal point, white or neutral walls, mid-century style nightstands, and cool lighting.

As far as color, we know we're going white and blue. I picked out our navy blue bed before we even closed on our house and it's been sitting on my Amazon wish list for months. We also recently acquired beautiful blue and white wallpaper from Poppytalk x Milton & King that we plan on hanging on the wall behind the bed. We want the bed and wallpaper to be the focal points of the room while keeping artwork, lighting, furniture, etc. pretty neutral and nonintrusive.


So right now the things we are for sure on (as mentioned above) are the bed and the wallpaper. I'VE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT THIS BED FOR SO LONG. I recently won two rolls of the beautiful 'Shoreline' wallpaper from Poppytalk and think it's going to look just gorgeous behind the navy blue headboard.

As far as lighting, we are 1000% getting rid of the ceiling fan, as we have (or will be) in every other room of the house. We have a gold/brass theme going with new lighting, so we'll be keeping that up in this room too. Rather than lamps on the nightstands, we're leaning towards swing arm sconces. I like the black on the sconce pictured above, plus they're a great price. I also really love the chandelier (and included it in our lighting roundup back in November) - I'm determined to use it somewhere in the house.

We have this cozy shag rug in our basement right now and we are crazy about it. I think we'd like to keep the rug solid so it doesn't compete with the wallpaper, and we love the texture of this one. These nightstands are a contender - I like that they aren't too bulky. The review images from customers actually make me like them more than the product photo does.

Of course, this is all fun and pretty stuff. We'll have some hard work to do before we even lay a finger on a paintbrush. First things first, we'll rip out all of the trim and patch/resurface all of the walls (especially the wall that the wallpaper is going on.) We'll re-trim the whole room, including around the windows, like we did in the music room. We also want to take out the rod in the closet and install shelving that we can use for extra linens, towels, pillows, etc. (Since our closets are in the guest room now, we don't this space to be wasted.)

There's lots to do and we can't wait to get started and share everything with you here. So now that you've seen our ideas, tell us what you think! What do you love/hate? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for us? We'd love to hear!

Navy blue bed
Wall sconces

Sarah & Nick