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Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Cat Lights

If you've been thinking "Hmm... my Halloween decor needs more cats" then we've got you covered! More cats is ALWAYS our motto, and when we stumbled upon these cat and ghost lights Cakies shared a few years ago, we knew we needed to make 'em too!

We're co-hosting a Halloween party tomorrow night with our best pals/neighbors, Sarah and Joel, and being that we're all new kitten parents, we thought cats-only lights would be perfect! Want to make some too?

Here's what you need!
- String of white lights
- Black poster board
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Xacto knife
- Cardboard (for template)

Here's what you do!
- Draw a cat template on your cardboard and cut it out with an Xacto knife.
- Trace your template onto your poster board and fit as many cats as you can. (We fit 50 cats, which was perfect for our 100 lights!)
- Cut out your cats with scissors and then use your Xacto knife to cut small X's where the eyes go.
- Pop your cat faces over the lights - make sure to push them back far enough so the paper is touching the plastic, not the light.

Easy and cute - the best kind of decorations (even Weasley approves!) Seeing as it's almost Halloween, you probably can't get the supplies online, but you should be able to find everything at JoAnn Fabric or Michael's! Hope you guys have a great Halloween weekend!

Sarah & Nick


  1. this is so freaking cuuuute!
    imagine doing pumpkins as well! eek!