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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Our Favorite Albums of 2016 (So Far)

The first half of 2016 has been great so far. Of course, our biggest news is that we bought our first house, but it's also been a great six months for new music. We are music crazy in the Surznick house, whether it's spinning a vinyl, turning our iPhone speakers as loud as they'll go, or just listening to Nick whistle - there is always music going on here!

Some of our favorite bands have released new albums in 2016 and we've been been having a blast learning new tunes and even discovering some new bands to add to our playlists. Below are our favorite albums of 2016 so far!

1. Lucius - Good Grief
We discovered Lucius two years ago when we saw them open for The Head and the Heart (two nights in a row!) and we've been in love with them ever since. We drove to Cleveland to see them in March and just saw them again a few weekends ago at the WYEP Summer Music Festival. Their sophomore album, Good Grief, is perfection to my ears. There are songs that make me laugh and others that make me cry. It is a beautiful work of art and if there's one album I demand you listen to this year, it's this. -S

2. Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost
I got in to Modern Baseball after realizing I had missed them on one of Say Anything's tours. I dipped my toes into their older albums and couldn't get out again. For any fans of The Front Bottoms or the like, this band is for you. This album is all things emotional and fun. The same old Modern Baseball, but perfected, refined, and incredibly tight. -N

3. The Avett Brothers - True Sadness
Four years ago The Avett Brothers were my absolute favorite band. We drove to four different states to see them and didn't go more than a few months without finding another concert to attend. When their last LP came out in 2013, I was less than impressed. It came out just a year after The Carpenter and felt so rushed and incomplete, and therefore my fire for them started to fizzle out. Their new album, True Sadness, was just released a couple weeks ago and is already earning them a top spot in my heart again. I hope as I continue to listen to and learn this album it reignites my Avett love completely. -S
4. Pup - The Dream is Over
This album is far and away my most "on repeat" album in my library at the moment. A friend of mine got me into this latest release, and I can't wait to go back further into their discography. "The Dream is Over" is an absolute banger from beginning to end. If you love good fast, raw, emotional, ridiculous punk, this is the album for you. -N

What albums are you loving this year? If we're being honest, our most listened to albums have been in our libraries for years, but it's fun adding new tunes to the mix too. Share your favorites in the comments below!

Sarah & Nick


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