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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Highland Park Yard Sale

Paint Chip Wall Art
This upcoming Sunday, 6/5/16, is the Highland Park Community Yard Sale here in Pittsburgh. We are selling a CRAZY amount of stuff; many things you've seen on the blog before and this is your chance to get your hands on it (for cheap!) If you're local to Pittsburgh, we hope you'll come out and visit us and maybe take home a pillow or two. Send us an email at contact@thesurznickcommonroom.com and we'll let you know where we're located. Below is a list of some of the things you'll find!

White Glass-Top Table & 2 Chairs
- Red Futon (as seen here)
- 3 Purple/White Upholstered Chairs (as seen here)
- Black Chalkboard Coffee Table (as seen here)
- 2 Laminate Wood 3-Shelf Bookshelves (as seen here)
- White Glass-Top Table & 2 Chairs (as seen above)
- Orange/White TV Stand
- 2 Night Stands (as seen here)
- 6 Drawer Dresser
- 5 Drawer Dresser

Knitted Floor Pouf
Marbled Clay Coasters
Home Decor:
- Black/White Chevron Rug (as seen above)
- Turquoise Rug (as seen here)
- 12" Wire Storage Shelves
- Small Plastic Storage with Drawers
- Various Picture Frames
- Wine Bottle Lights (as seen here)
- Various Vases
- Turquoise Faux Capiz Shell Lamp
- Various Homemade Coasters (as seen above)
- Ping Pong Ball Lights (as seen here)
- Various throw pillows (dip dyed, studded, tye-dye)
- Knitted Floor Pouf (as seen above)
- Paint Chip Wall Art (as seen in top photo)

- Various Women's Clothes & Accessories
- Various Men's T-shirts and Jeans
- Jewelry (lockets, necklaces, bracelets, etc.)

Tye Dye Mugs
- Various CDs
- Hand Painted Mugs (as seen above)
- Hand-Knitted Pink/Purple Blanket
- Misc. Craft Supplies (fabric, pom poms, etc.)
- TI83+ Calculator
- Canon EOS 20D DSLR Camera with 18-55mm EFS lens, 3 batteries, charger, strap and shutter release

And there is so much more! This is a huge sale for us. If you or anyone you know lives in the area and would be interested in any of these items, be sure to email us (contact@thesurznickcommonroom.com) for the sale location! So many of these pieces are hand made with love, but it's time for us to part with them. Help us find everything a wonderful new home!

Sarah & Nick


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