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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our 10 Must See Concerts This Summer

The Avett Brothers
Every year around this time we start to make our "Summer To-Do List" (see 2015 and 2014.) Last year we failed miserably at doing just about anything on the list, so this year we're not making one! We do, however, have big plans for this summer and despite how busy our schedules will be, the one thing we always make time for is concerts.

We love going to concerts and it's not unusual for us to go to several shows a month, especially in the summer. We already have a few concerts lined up for the next couple of months, and a few more that we want to attend. Below are our 10 must sees in Pittsburgh for summer 2016! (In order from soonest to latest!)

Taking Back Sunday
1. Dashboard Confessional / Taking Back Sunday / Saosin / The Early November
6/7/16 - Peterson Events Center (Tickets)
I feel like this lineup needs no introduction. I love turning on Tell All Your Friends when we cook breakfast on Sunday mornings and I still haven't gotten over meeting Chris Carabba last summer. Seeing all these bands together would be so fun. Not to mention, I've seen Anthony Green perform in Circa Survive, The Sound of Animals Fighting, and solo, but never in Saosin. It would be once in a lifetime for me. -S

 2. Houndmouth
6/9/16, Mr. Smalls Theater (Tickets)
Many years ago, my very first solo acoustic performance was at The Smiling Moose opening for a tiny little band called Houndmouth. I brought 11 friends to that show, and they were the only people in the entire crowd. Now, Houndmouth is selling out all over the place, playing late night talk shows, touring the world and all around killing it. I love seeing this band, and I probably always will. -N

3. Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife, I Am the Avalanche) / Brandon Reilly (Nightmare of You)
6/14/16, The Smiling Moose (Tickets)
I Am the Avalanche and Nightmare of You were two of my favorite bands in high school. I've seen each them once, but not in many, many years. This solo show would be so fantastic. -S

4. Modern BaseballJoyce Manor
6/22/16, Altar Bar (Tickets)
Modern Baseball is my current obsession. I thought it was just going to be a quick fling, but it doesn't seem to be going away. Their newest album, Holy Ghost, is absolutely incredible. If you can't check them out on tour this summer, you NEED to get your hands on some of their music. -N

 5. Lucius
6/25/16, Schenley Plaza (Free!)
We saw Lucius in Cleveland a couple months ago (read post here) and we are so excited to see them again (for free!) at the WYEP Summer Music Festival. Their new album is seriously fantastic and their live performance is something to behold. -S

6. Dolly Parton
6/28/16, Consol Energy Center (Tickets)
Which one of these is not like the other...? Ah yes, Dolly Parton! I'll be honest, we won tickets to this concert, which is why we're going. But seeing Dolly Parton at least once in your life just seems like something you should do, right? -S

7. Weezer / Panic at the Disco
7/3/16, Stage AE (Sold Out)
Mostly interested in seeing Weezer because we never have before! This show is the 105.9 XFest so it's an outdoor, afternoon affair that would be so much fun! Too bad it's already sold out. -S

8. Brand New / Modest Mouse
7/5/16, Stage AE (Sold Out)
When Brand New goes on tour, you go no matter what (or at least that's our policy.) We still listen to Brand New regularly and are so damn excited for this show. -S

 9. Merriment / The Hush Sound
8/7/16, Club AE (Tickets)
We saw Merriment on my birthday a couple years ago (read post here) and would love to see them again. I still maintain that Sway, their debut album, is one of the prettiest records I've ever heard. You can't go wrong with the DuPree family. -S

10. Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally
8/21/16, Benedum Center (Tickets)
If I needed to pick a more perfectly hilarious celebrity couple, I'd be hard pressed to find anyone above Offerman and Mullally. Spawned out of our mutual love for Parks and Rec and a healthy background of Will & Grace, these two are some of my favorite comedians. -N

Are you attending any summer concerts? Share with us below!

Sarah & Nick


  1. its basically June and i have yet to go to a concert or show or anything!!!! :(
    ive been doing this since 2013 so it breaks my heart that i have nothing lined up.

    i had the neighbourhood back on superbowl sunday but i got so sick i just gave my ticket to my brother.
    i seriously need to get back on it! your line up looks pretty awesome and im kinda jealous about #10!

    1. Aw, you should go!!! We're such concert people, I think it's in our blood :) haha