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Friday, April 1, 2016

Our 10 Favorite Crafty Projects + Real Talk

We're gonna get real for a second. I'm in a total DIY rut. Since launching The Surznick Common Room over two years ago, we've shared over 60 "Get Crafty" posts, which I think is AWESOME (especially considering we share posts in so many other categories!) And over time, I think we can all agree that we've gotten better with design, style, execution, and photography, but lately I just don't want to make anything.

The root of this feeling is that my mind is in full planning-to-buy-a-house mode. I'm not inspired to make more "things" that a) cost money I want to put towards a house, and b) we'd have to transport eventually and/or may not like in a new space. We are both craving the freedom to paint walls, rip up carpet, remove a drop ceiling... to turn a house into our home.

Right now we don't know how soon that will all happen, but when it does, we're going to document it all here and we can't. freaking. wait. So basically, I just wanted to open up about why there's been less DIY posts than normal (in case you were wondering, and who knows... maybe you don't care, and that's okay too.)

While looking back through our 60+ crafty posts, I wanted to pick out 10 favorites to share today. Things that we love and hopefully will inspire us to get back on the DIY train, and maybe things you've never seen before if you're a new reader. We hope you enjoy (and thank you for reading!)

Thanks for letting us share. Comment below with your favorite!

Sarah & Nick


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