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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Out of the Kitchen: Whitfield

Our latest feature for the Out of the Kitchen series is plucked straight from our Pittsburgh Restaurant Passport: The Whitfield Restaurant. Located inside the new, amazing, beautiful Ace Hotel right in the heart of East Liberty, this restaurant is just a short walk away from us and we're so glad it is! Since visiting, I've been dreaming of my meal. Here's what we can tell you about our experience!

The Atmosphere:
Ace Hotels all over the country are definitely hip spots, and Pittsburgh's location is no exception. This new establishment (in the former YMCA building) is most definitely a new hipster hotspot, possibly even the new hipster capital of Pittsburgh. The interior is minimal, clean, modern, bright, and amazing. The seating area is pretty tight, but I'm grateful that they put more seats in to accommodate the popularity of the restaurant, and especially the brunch rush.

The Food:
Sarah and I decided to visit the Whitfield for brunch for a few different reasons:
1. We LOVE brunch (duh).
2. The vegetarian options on the dinner menu were pretty limited. There were only three main dishes on the brunch menu that we could order without any modifications to make it vegetarian. Even less options exist on the dinner menu.
3. $$$ - The dinner options were a little pricy, but brunch was totally reasonable.

Nick: I ordered the mushroom gravy and biscuits, and I've been counting the hours until I get to eat it again. It was buttery, creamy, savory, rich, and all around perfect. Of course at the immediate end of the dish, I wanted more, but I was pleased with the portion size. I didn't walk out of there feeling like I was going to explode, which can be a typical feeling for me after eating a decent brunch. Laying right on top of the dish were these insane grilled scallions that added a perfect charred and smoky flavor to the dish. A nice, cool, brussels sprout salad was the perfect refresher to cut the richness of the dish down, and keep me feeling light. I absolutely loved this dish. I can't recommend it enough.

Sarah: I ordered the three egg omelette, filled with cheddar and caramelized onions. The dish came with a light salad, so I ordered a side of hash browns to complete my meal. Everything was truly delicious. I've said it once (or a million times) that eggs are my favorite food, but we have not eaten eggs at home in about two years. Getting eggs at brunch is a total treat for me, and this dish certainly fulfilled my egg craving. The caramelized onions and gooey cheese were perfect inside the omelette and the side salad was a nice refresher between my savory dishes. The hash browns were perfectly crisp and flavored so well. It was definitely worth the extra few dollars to add them to my meal.

I think I can speak for both Nick and I when I say that the coffee at the Whitfield was absolutely delicious as well. We're both black coffee drinkers and when our server said the coffee is a great one to drink black, she wasn't kidding.

Overall, this location is truly a gem in one of Pittsburgh's most popular neighborhoods at the moment. Compared to our typical go-to spots, this one is definitely on the upper half of the price range, but the food is so worth it. Sure, the environment is beautiful, but I could have eaten that meal in a dumpster, and I would have gone back the next morning to do it again.

Sarah & Nick


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