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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Out of the Kitchen: Brunch at Franktuary

Another Out of the Kitchen post so soon? I know, I know - but this one is special. It's been mentioned several times on the blog and in our "Who Is Surznick?" video that Franktuary is one of my favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh.

Franktuary is home to unique and delicious hot dogs, poutine that I dream about, an amazing draft list... I could go on and on. This month I'm tacking on one more reason to love Franktuary: Shannon Plush! My coworker and close friend, Shannon, is the restaurant's featured baker for four weeks. I've been happy to taste test Shannon's kitchen creations over the past year and am so proud that she's getting to showcase her abilities with Pittsburgh's Sunday morning brunch crowd!

Needless to say, we were pretty excited to have a friend selling her delicious food at one of our favorite restaurants. We got up bright and early and made sure we were the first ones to order off of the featured baker menu. Since it's mid-March, you'll notice an Irish theme on the menu this week. So enough already, here's what we had!

Nick: We started off with a small plate of Philadelphia Irish Potatoes (cream cheese, coconut, cinnamon.) As you can tell, they do not contain any trace of potatoes, but that's okay. These sweet treats were like flavor bombs in your mouth - just the right size, super soft, sweet, and delicious. Next, it was time for my main dish, so I ordered Shannon's vegan French Irish Toast. According to the menu description it's "Irish soda bread, Jameson glazed pecans, and maple syrup." I'm not really sure how much more I can say with a description like that. It was seriously delicious. Shannon's homemade soda bread made for the most perfect french toast slices. A great crust around the outside with a warm, moist, soft middle gave the dish great texture. I'm used to french toast being pretty mushy, and I was so glad to have something to sink my teeth into. Such a delicious dish.

Sarah: I'm not someone that usually orders sweet breakfast (i.e. waffles, french toast, pancakes, etc.), so Nick shared his Irish Toast and Philly Irish Potatoes with me. Both were super delicious, sweet, and unique! The Irish Toast was deep fried as opposed to pan fried, so the outsides were crispy while the insides stayed soft, as Nick mentioned. For my main dish, I ordered the breakfast poutine (because I can't go to Franktuary without ordering poutine). For those not familiar, poutine is a Montreal street food that has been gaining popularity in a bunch of Pittsburgh restaurants. It's a bed of french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. Most poutine uses beef gravy, but Franktuary's gravy is vegetarian! The breakfast poutine is just regular poutine topped with a dippy egg and so stinkin' good.

If you're in the Pittsburgh area and have any of the next three weekends open, get to Franktuary on Sunday morning! You will not regret diving into whatever Shannon has whipped up for her feature! Each weekend's menu will be different, so go every week! You can see their full menu and the current weekend's brunch right here. And be sure to follow Shannon and Franktuary on Twitter!

Sarah & Nick


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