Monday, March 28, 2016

Cleveland, OH

The posts we've done in the "Adventures" category are usually recaps of quick trips we've taken. Typically, the trips span about 24-48 hours exploring a city. Well, here is our shortest adventure yet, 12 hours in Cleveland, OH!

Now I realize that Cleveland is a pretty big place, and there is literally no way to boil it down into a 12 hour visit. If someone came to Pittsburgh and did 3 or 4 things and wrote a post about an entire city, I'd possibly be offended. But you know what? Everything we did while visiting our rust-belt-frenemy-neighbor-city was pretty awesome, and if these few things are even just a jumping off point for someone to plan a day trip to the city, then we've done our jobs!

Our first stop in Cleveland was Grumpy's Cafe for a late brunch. Sorry folks, there are no pictures of our Grumpy's meals, but you can bet it was pretty good. The menu was impressive, ranging from cream cheese and strawberry stuffed french toast (my choice) to huevos rancheros (Sarah's pick). The place was packed, though Sarah did mention once or twice something about it being voted best brunch in Cleveland..

Next up, Great Lakes Brewing Co. brewery tour! Sarah and I have been to Cleveland a bunch of times for different concerts and almost every trip involves a stop at the brew pub for some delicious food and some amazing beers. This visit, we knew it was high time to finally tour the place.

A five dollar tour (booked in advance) got us access to a tour-only bar area, a very detailed one hour history and process tour of the facility, and four very generous samples of any of their beers, including some pub exclusives. If you like beer and history, do the tour. It's well worth it.

When exploring a city, Sarah wastes no time hunting down a good mural for a quick photo op. Luckily for us, this one was just a few blocks from the brewery.

At this point, with a few beers in my belly, and seeing as a couple HOURS had already passed since we ate our brunch, we were well past due for a late lunch. Off to Melt we go!

If the decor alone didn't seal the deal for me at the restaurant, the insane list of grilled cheese sandwiches, unreal vegan and vegetarian options, and the expansive, well-curated craft beer list definitely pushed me over the edge. Just a quick tip though: if the waitress describes your sandwich to you and it involves words like, "and then the entire sandwich is battered and deep fried," and you had already eaten an appetizer and only ate your brunch like three hours prior, maybe pick a different sandwich.

Now for the grand finale. The reason for the trip in the first place, LUCIUS! If you're not already in love with this band, then you need to get on that. Driving to Cleveland to see them for the third time was the least we could do. We would have driven much further if it meant spending an evening dancing, singing, laughing, (and crying) with this incredible group of musicians. The venue we saw them in, the Beachland Ballroom, was no slouch either. It's not too big or loud, but rather super intimate. Turns out, this is the same venue where I first saw Say Anything (who knew?) Lucius' new album, Good Grief, just came out a few weeks ago and it's so fantastic - give it a listen.

And for us, that wraps up a whirlwind 12 hours in Cleveland. Some people may think we spend too much time in our cars for quick little trips, but just remember: it's all in what you value. If exploring somewhere you've never been (or somewhere you have been, but never paid attention to), and trying something new is of value to you, then you can make it happen. For us, the hours spent in the car getting there and back is half of the fun. 

Sarah & Nick

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Home for the Weekend (Video)

The past couple of years, Nick and I have spent the first weekend of spring in Lancaster, visiting my mom for her birthday (which was Monday - happy birthday, mom!) It seems like as the years pass, we visit home less and less, so this annual spring/birthday visit is always one of my favorites (you can read past posts from this weekend here and here.)

I wanted to do something fun and different on this year's visit, so in addition to just hanging out with my mom and getting free Rita's, we also went spelunking walking through Indian Echo Caverns, toured Troegs Brewery, and visited Hershey's Chocolate World! Check out some photos from our weekend and watch the fun video recap Nick put together!

P.S. Do you guys like when we post videos (like here and here)? Should we do more or just stick with regular ol' photos. Leave us a comment below!

Sarah & Nick

Monday, March 7, 2016

Watercolor Greeting Cards

My mom is pretty much the Greeting Card Queen. As far back as I can remember, she's always sent out cards to friends and family, whether it be for a holiday, or just your average Tuesday. I like to think this has been passed on to me, as I've become a big fan of sending out little cards to say hi to my friends that live far away.

For the newest issue of Holl & Lane Magazine, I wanted to create a super simple, pretty greeting card DIY that I can use to send out to friends or as thank you cards. These watercolor cards are so simple to make and are completely customizable!

For the full tutorial, check out Issue 6 of Holl & Lane, which just launched on March 1st. Inside you'll also find our paint dipped planters that we shared last week. You can also purchase a six month subscription for only $7.99 and get an awesome bonus issue (with a delicious recipe we made!)

To learn more about Holl & Lane Magazine, read our full post about them. The magazine is doing some truly amazing things right now and I'm so glad to be involved. If you love H&L too, consider showing your support on their GoFundMe page. All donations will be used to help with the behind-the-scenes costs of running a magazine and help to fund print issues down the road!

So tell us, are you a greeting card sender? Maybe we can become pen pals?

Sarah & Nick

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Paint Dipped Succulent Planters

As Nick mentioned in our DIY Copper Leg Plant Stand post, we have quite an abundance of plants. I don't even think of myself as someone that has a green thumb, but I just like having greenery around our apartment. You can never have enough succulents, right?

We frequent Home Depot pretty often and whenever I see all of their cute cacti, succulents, and other little plants I want to take them ALL home with me. In this case, we picked out four little cuties but couldn't find any small planters we liked. At home we had some plain stemless wine glasses that we don't use (leftover from this project!) so we decided to add a little paint and turn them into planters for our newest roommates! I love how they're all unique and imperfect, yet still beautiful.

You can find the full tutorial for this project in the newest issue of Holl & Lane Magazine! Issue 6 just launched yesterday and you can purchase it for only $2.99. Or better yet, a six month subscription to the magazine is only $7.99! Purchasing the subscription will also get you a bonus issue, in which we contributed a recipe that you will looooove.

We hope you'll subscribe to support the magazine and the hard work of the lovely gals who put it all together! Thanks for reading!

Sarah & Nick