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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Out of the Kitchen: Pittsburgh Coffee Crawl

Though we've lived in Pittsburgh for two and a half years, sometimes it feels like we go through our lives without branching out too much and trying new places. While we were on vacation (staycation!) over the holidays, I really wanted to visit some new coffee shops, experience neighborhoods we don't frequent, and generally just feel excited about our city (because we love it here soooo much!)

We took to the internet to find some places we had never visited, picked one for each morning, and ventured out! After forming some immediate reaction opinions to these shops and snapping a few iPhone pics, here is what we've come up with on our first (of hopefully many!) Pittsburgh Coffee Crawl.

Biddle's Escape (Regent Square):
Our first stop on our Pittsburgh Coffee Crawl landed us in Biddle's Escape. We basically chose this place randomly, as we needed a coffee stop on the way to the movies. For just being chosen right off the map, this spot is pretty awesome. Tucked right in the middle of an unassuming patch of homes, this is not at all where I'd guess a coffee shop to be. I liked it here for a few reasons: tons of seating (indoor and out) an insane dried tea selection, excellent coffee, and some of the most interesting decor I'd ever seen.

The Big Idea Bookstore & Cafe (Bloomfield):
Sitting right on Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield, this little gem is so cool. They boast themselves as your neighborhood radical book store and that is exactly right. I spent my entire stay in there enjoying a vegan bean burrito (from their all vegan cafe menu), drinking coffee, and reading title after title after title of available books, all of which I wanted to read. The space is small, but really worth a trip. If you're in the market to purchase a new or used book, consider giving this local shop some business!

Zeke's Coffee (East Liberty):
It's a bit embarrassing that it took us this long to visit Zeke's, considering that it's basically in our own backyard here in the East End. (We've even had an unused Groupon lying around forever.) Of the visits we got in on our coffee crawl, this had my favorite tasting coffee. I don't know much about coffee, so I can't even begin to tell you why, but just know that I liked it the best (and that's all that matters, right?)

Carnegie Coffee Company (Carnegie):
Carnegie Coffee Company is a bit out of the way for us, but we've seen photos of it all over Instagram, and we just knew we had to get out there! Even though it was all the way out in Carnegie, it was well worth the drive. Just as the photos promised us, this really is a charming space. It was the most comfortable we had felt all week hanging out in these coffee shops. Great places to sit and relax or work, great tasting coffee, and a pretty decent menu from which you can enjoy breakfast and lunch. The croissant breakfast sandwiches were A+.

We hope you liked this little peek at our first Coffee Crawl! For choosing the spots pretty randomly, I'm so pleased with the variety. We tried four shops with completely different vibes in completely different neighborhoods. We know there's so much more to try in the city so we can't wait for our next one. What are your favorites?

Sarah & Nick


  1. Great list, and I hope you do a part 2! There's a restaurant in the lobby of the USSteel building that sells Zeke's coffee and I'm obsessed. It's SO good!

    1. Hi Gretchen! We DEFINITELY want to do a part 2! Zeke's was by far the best we had this round - glad you like it too!