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Monday, January 4, 2016

Food Emoji Shopping Bags

Nick and I are huge advocates for reusable shopping bags. We hate bringing more plastic bags into the house, so we try to use our canvas shopping bags whenever possible. We've accumulated several bags over the years, but they're pretty much all branded with a grocery store or sponsor name.

We wanted to create some bags with a little more personality, so we turned plain canvas bags into fun food emoji shopping bags! You can find the complete tutorial for this project in this month's issue of Holl & Lane Magazine!

Issue 5 just came out on Friday and it's full of inspiring articles, delicious recipes, beautiful photography, and more. Issues of the magazine are $2.99, however, you can purchase issue 5 here with promo code ISSUE5FRIENDS&FAMILY FOR 25% off! Or better yet, you can purchase a 6 month subscription for only $7.99!

I know all of the wonderful women at Holl & Lane appreciate your support and of course, Nick and I do as well. Thank you for stopping by our blog and we wish you a happy and healthy 2016! We're so excited to start another year of the Common Room with you!

Sarah & Nick


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