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Monday, December 21, 2015

Dainty Jewelry

I don't wear much jewelry on a regular basis. Just a couple rings, and on occasion, a necklace or earrings. When I do wear jewelry I prefer small, dainty pieces that are subtle but beautiful. I recently added a few small pieces from Chloe + Isabel to my jewelry collection and I absolutely love them.

Chloe + Isabel jewelry is sold mainly through their Merchandisers, but you can buy online as well. They sell beautifully crafted, stylish jewelry at affordable prices. All pieces are designed and sourced directly through their New York City studio, meaning that they can keep their prices low while keeping their quality high.

I personally don't have any sensitivities to metal, but I was happy to discover that Chloe + Isabel jewelry is hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead-safe. They also offer a lifetime replacement and 30-day money back guarantee! I've been living with my items for a couple of weeks and can't wait to add more to my collection. And I will definitely be keeping C+I in mind for Christmas shopping next year!

When selecting my C+I pieces, I knew I wanted items that would would be great for both work and a date night or weekend event. While I love all of the items I received, my absolute favorites are the Malachite + Pave Stacking Rings. I've worn them every single day since they arrived in the mail. I tend to wear them on different fingers, but I love how beautiful they look when they're fit together too.

My other most worn piece is the fun and unique Branch Barrette. The barrettes are great for pulling back half of my hair (a go-to style for me) or to hold up my wispies when my hair is in a top knot. The branch barrette is the first hair accessory I've ever seen and thought "I must have that!" so it makes me really happy when I receive compliments on it.

On days when my outfit is pretty neutral, I love to add my other pieces: the Casablanca Mother-of-Pearl Stud Earrings, Pave Curved Bar Bracelet, and Dainty Leather + Rhinestone Bracelet. I love how small and delicate the bracelets are. Since I spend most of the day working on a computer, I prefer bracelets that don't get in my way when typing. These bracelets definitely fit the bill!

If you're looking to add Chloe + Isabel jewelry to your collection, you can shop directly through their website, buy through a merchandiser, or become a merchandiser yourself! Chloe + Isabel merchandisers make 25-40% on all sales. Plus they get to make their own hours and run their business how they choose: online, in pop-up shops, at events, on social media, etc!

Dainty Leather + Rhinestone Bracelet (exact)
Pave Curved Bar Bracelet (exact)
Branch Barrette Duo (exact)
Malachite + Pave Stackable Rings (exact)
Casablanca Mother-of-Pearl Stud Earrings (exact)
all items c/o Chloe + Isabel

Whether you prefer small, dainty jewelry (like me!) or stylish statement pieces, Chloe + Isabel has a variety of jewelry to fit all sorts of styles. Though I wouldn't consider myself someone that wears or knows much about jewelry, I truly love all of these pieces and hope that you'll find your new favorite items too!

xo, Sarah

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  1. These are so lovely! I love how the stacking rings fit together, too!

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