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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Abstract Painted Shower Curtain

When I graduated college and moved into my own apartment, I purchased a city skyline shower curtain that was in our bathroom until this past weekend. While we still like it okay, we were both ready for a change!

Our number one goal was something bright. Our bathroom is VERY small and has no windows (hence the not so great lighting in these photos.) It's a dark little room that needed some white and color to lighten it up a bit. I decided I wanted to try painting a plain white shower curtain using this technique A Beautiful Mess shared on these painted pillows. We're both super happy with how it turned out - keep reading to see how we did it!

Here's what you need!
- Plain white fabric shower curtain
- Acrylic paint in various colors
- Old card (like a gift card)
- Drop cloth
- Water/rag

Here's what you do!
- First, pick your colors! We went with blues/greens that match our light green bathroom walls. I also added bright orange for a pop.
- In a large open space, spread out your drop cloth (we, ironically, always use a shower curtain liner). On top of your drop cloth, lay out your fabric shower curtain. If it has wrinkles, iron them out on your ironing board first. The paint will spread easier on a smooth surface.
- Squeeze a small amount of paint on your shower curtain and use your card to spread the paint in your desired pattern. Repeat with various colors, washing the card clean with water and a rag between colors.
- Continue until you love how it looks! We had no rhyme or reason for our pattern - we made it up as we went! Our pattern stops about half way up to leave some crisp white at the top.
- Allow the shower curtain to dry completely (we let ours dry overnight). Then hang it up!

Easy, right? We love our new shower curtain! It brings such a happiness to our otherwise boring bathroom. Since we're renters, there's not a lot we can change up in our bathroom to make it more our style, but the shower curtain is certainly a great start!

Please note, we do use a shower curtain liner on the inside that prevents this new curtain from getting wet. We also try to be extra careful when showering to make sure that our new painted curtain stays dry. We don't want wet paint running and ruining our pretty new curtain! So if you try this at home, just remember to be careful. Now to find a new floor mat to match...
Sarah & Nick


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