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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Skeleton Style

When it comes to clothes that I've worn on the blog or Instagram, by far the most asked about pieces in my closet are my skeleton sweater and socks. Raise your hand if you love skeleton stuff! *Everyone raises hand*

Since I'm asked about these so frequently, I thought I would put together a post telling you where you can find the exact or similar pieces to add your closet as well! Cool? Cool. My socks are from ModCloth, but are no longer available, unfortunately. But! My exact sweater is from Oasap and is still available! You can find identical sweaters from SammyDress and BuyTrends as well (perfect in case it sells out anywhere!)

Just talking about skeleton stuff has me super excited for Halloween. This is seriously the best time of the year! To get you into the Halloween spirit as well I've linked a bunch of skeleton/skull styles below. Let me know what your favorites are! (I want them all.)

one / two / three / four

On a semi-unrelated note, who's excited for American Horror Story tonight? (We are!) I hope you have a great rest of the week!

xo, Sarah


  1. FYI I just discovered this tunic and almost died. I want it so badly!