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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Holl & Lane Magazine

Issue 3
If you've been keeping up with this little blog for at least a few months, you've probably seen the name Holl & Lane Magazine pop up a few times. Maybe you just recognize it from our side bar, or maybe you've seen it on a few of our posts (like this, this, or this). Though we mention it a lot, it's something we haven't gone into a lot of detail about... until today!

via Jenni Eaves / Issue 3
You may have noticed less DIY tutorials here on the blog over the past few months. The reason behind that is because I am now the regular DIY contributor to Holl & Lane! With help from Nick of course, we've been cranking out some awesome projects for the magazine and I hope that you've all been enjoying them as much as we are. I feel really proud to be a part of such an amazing and talented group that is committed to publishing unique and quality content. So here are all of the deets you should know about Holl & Lane!

Issue 1
Holl & Lane is a digital magazine that shares stories about all aspects of a woman's life. You can find entertainment and travel, style and beauty, food and fitness, DIY and home, career and business, and more. Every issue is packed full of beautiful photography, creative ideas, and inspiring stories. Earlier this month the Holl & Lane blog launched, where you can find even more amazing content at your fingertips each week!

via Laura Penley / Issue 2
Holl & Lane's founder and editor in chief is my blog pal, Sarah Hartley. Sarah had always dreamed of starting her own magazine and finally brought her dreams to life in June 2015. Working full time, writing a blog, and running this magazine is no easy feat, but she does it all with style and grace. Sarah also has a team of amazing women helping out with Holl & Lane, and you can read all of their stories on the Holl & Lane website. And of course, a magazine would be incomplete without stories, right? Holl & Lane has article contributors from all over the country! (P.S. You can be one too!)

Issue 2
I think the message on Holl & Lane's website says it all: "Each time you open up and share a part of your story, you help someone else feel less alone. We are more than a magazine. We are a place to sit, away from the storm, and realize that others have been through hard times too and made it through. And so will you. We will continue to tell stories that are inspiring, empowering, and brave."

via Abbey Rodriguez / Issue 2
Everything you want to know about Holl & Lane can be found on their website, www.hollandlanemag.com. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! All issues are available on the website, or you can purchase print copies!

via Jolie Ankrom / Issue 1
New issues of the magazine are published every two months on the first of the month. Issue 3 just launched on October 1st and it's full of incredible stories, recipes, books, and more. Below are links to all of the issues released thus far. A smaller, December issue is set to launch on December 1st! You can also find new articles every Tuesday and Thursday on the Holl & Lane blog!

via Colleen Pastoor / Issue 3
One of the best parts of starting this blog is all of the connections we've made and inspiring people we've been lucky enough to work work. We feel so proud to contribute to Holl & Lane and we hope that you will check out the magazine and love it as much as we do!

Sarah & Nick


  1. What an exciting project to be a part of, congrats! I'm going to definitely be checking out the magazine more, and looking at the contributor info, too!

    1. That's awesome, Rachel! I'm sure they would love to share your stories in the magazine!