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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2 Year Blogiversary!

The Surznick Common Room is TWO! Happy blogiversary to us! We've had so much fun sharing our lives with you over the past two years and we can't thank you enough for following us on our blogging journey!

This second year of working on the Common Room has been a huge growth experience for us. Of course, we still have a lot to learn, but slowly we're growing our readership, figuring out who our audience is, collaborating with brands and bloggers, and hopefully bringing you content that you love!

Even though we're psyched about the future for our blog, let's take a trip down memory lane and reflect on our 1 Year Blogiversary post!

- Last year our very first project post, Wine Bottle Lights, was our most viewed post on our blog with 5,700 views and 8,900 pins.
- Today, our most viewed post is our Ping Pong Ball Lights... they've been viewed over 59,000 times. Over 10 times as many views as our most popular post last year. SAY WHAT!

- Speaking of views... last year, we had just reached 50,000 total views before our 1 year blogiversary.
- This year, we just reached 300,000 total views.

- Last year I was SO excited to be featured as the Chic of the Week on LaurenConrad.com (who am I kidding, I'm STILL excited!)
- This year, we've had the honor of being featured on BuzzFeed twice (here and here!) We're also regularly contributing DIYs to Holl & Lane Magazine. And preeeeetty soon, you'll get to see us guest post on The Home Depot Blog! Woop woop!

I hope that this post in no way comes across as obnoxious or braggy. Nick and I are completely in awe of the shift we've experienced in our blog over this past year. Sometimes it's nice to take a step back, reflect, and feel proud of ourselves. Blogging isn't always easy or fun, but it's something we still LOVE to do. Celebrating the small victories help to keep us going, even on the hardest days!

If you've been reading The Surznick Common Room since our 1 year mark, you may remember that we planned on opening an Etsy shop in 2015. Did that happen? NOPE. We had all intentions of starting a shop but ultimately decided that working full time, running a blog, contributing to a magazine, living a normal life, AND running an Etsy shop would be too much to take on.

We do still have some fun hopes and dreams for our blog, though. We hope to soon launch a newsletter where you can receive our posts by email, in addition to bonus content not featured here on the blog! We also just hope to continue learning, growing, meeting new people, and having fun!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading this little corner of the internet. We wouldn't be here without you!

xo, Sarah & Nick


  1. Happy blogiversary!!! Here's to many more years rocking the blog world ;)