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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rug Love

Rug / Shoes (Similar)
Until we lived in an apartment with almost exclusively hardwood floors, we were never really area rug people. But now we are total converts and I don't think we'll ever go back to being non-rug people again. I LOVE the rugs in our apartment and I realized we haven't showed them on the blog very much. In addition, Holl & Lane (the magazine I contribute to) is recruiting readers to share their favorite rugs on Instagram with #HollandLaneRugs and seeing all of these pretty photos is giving me major area rug fever!

Rug (Similar) / Shoes
Area rugs can have a huge impact on a room, but unfortunately some can also make a pretty big dent in your wallet. The three rugs we have in our apartment (pictured throughout this post) were all around $100, which is especially budget-friendly for 5x7" rugs! If you search hard enough and look for sales and deals, you can find some pretty great ones out there! I've found Urban Outfitters to be a great source for moderately priced but gorgeous rugs. Below I've rounded up some favorites for under $250!

one / two / three / four

Aren't they all just so pretty? Which is your favorite? I think I like two, three, and five the best! In addition to UO, Target and Rugs USA are other great sources for rugs that won't break the bank!

Rug / Shoes (exact sold out, similar)
Thanks for letting me share! Remember, you have until the end of the month to share your favorite rugs on Instagram with #HollandLaneRugs!

Sarah & Nick


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