Out of the Kitchen: Constellation Coffee - The Surznick Common Room

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Out of the Kitchen: Constellation Coffee

If you'll remember a while back, Sarah and I put out our Summer To-Do Lists, and my general theme was to get out more and explore. Visiting Constellation Coffee with Sarah and her Mom last month was a great way to try a new place and work on my to-do list! It's so close to us, and I'm ashamed we didn't visit sooner.

The Atmosphere:

I think its safe to say that the atmosphere of this shop is a huge selling point for us (it's essentially a Pittsburgh Instagram must). The light, the crazy high ceilings, the clean feel, the openness, and minimal design of the space is so satisfying. I particularly love the look of this shop because it's a great contrast to so many other coffee shops, which tend to feel small, cluttered, and "brown" (that's the way I see it in my head, at least - brown furniture, old books, wood everything, trying to create a "cozy" vibe... anyone else feel this way?)

The Drinks:

It's coffee! Come on, I'm not one to hate on any coffee drink, considering it is one of the great elixirs of this life, and these were no exceptions. Often, when we visit a coffee shop, I go with black coffee (black coffee for life!) because I love it, and I enjoy trying different shops' house blends, different roasts, etc. However, for the sake of pretty, pretty pictures, I went with a classic cappuccino. It was quite fantastic. 

Sarah, who always out does me with superior coffee shop ordering skills, got an iced chai latte, and it was the bomb dot com. As always, I was super jealous of her drink (mostly because it was HOT the day we visited, and I went for beauty over functionality.)

For anyone in Pittsburgh that isn't already a fan of Constellation Coffee, you definitely need to check the place out. I'm eager to get back there soon and enjoy some more of the delicious brew! And if you love coffee as much as we do, don't forget to check out the roundup of the mugs on our wish list!

Sarah & Nick


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