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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dylan Murphy Creations

Back in my high school days when I wasn't updating my Myspace profile, crafting the coolest song lyric away message on AIM, or writing a new entry on my Xanga, I was more often than not talking to a bunch of my internet friends on the Circa Survive message board (AKA my fellow Circaboardies - and don't lie, you know you did it too. P.S. Sorry, Mom)

Even though my message board days are now over, I'm still connected to many of those friends, one of whom being Dylan Murphy of Dylan Murphy Creations. I first "met" Dylan online nearly ten years ago, but we've since met in real life (or IRL for my AIM friends) and have been social media pals ever since.

In 2009 Dylan opened an Etsy shop, which has now grown into DylanMurphyCreations.com, where you can purchase everything from t-shirts to photo prints to baby onesies. I've been eyeing up several of Dylan's shirts for awhile (because Nick is always in need of a new t-shirt!), so I was super excited when he reached out to us about collaborating! It makes us so happy that we get to work with different companies through blogging, but even more so when that company is a small business and a friend!

In this post we're each wearing t-shirts designed by Dylan Murphy that are available for purchase in his shop! Nick and I have a long-running joke about the phrase "Not Today!" so this Not Today tee was absolutely perfect for him. I went with the Stay True Archor tee, for the cute design and the women's-style shirt. We're both so happy with our products and happy to support Dylan! All of his shirts are printed in the U.S. so they shipped to us super quickly. They are incredibly soft, excellent quality, and the printing (all done with eco-friendly water based inks) is flawless.

On Sarah:  Stay True tee / Jeans (similar) / Booties (almost identical) / Glasses
On Nick:  Not Today tee / Shorts / Sneakers (similar)

The best-selling design from Dylan Murphy Creations is the New Glory tee. Dylan designed the shirt after attending the St. Louis Pride Fest in 2014 and it has since been worn by Scott Shriner, bass player of Weezer, at the NCAA March Madness Music Festival in 2015. You can also find Dylan's work on the cover of Ume's Too Big World EP. (Photos via DylanMurphyCreations.com)

Below are more of our favorite shirts from Dylan's shop (I'm sure Nick is putting together his Christmas list as we speak...) Make sure you check out the rest at DylanMurphyCreations.com and give Dylan a like/follow/high five on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr! You can read more about his design process and inspiration or general FAQs about his products over on his website as well.

Which shirt is your favorite? Share with us in the comments, or share with Dylan by making a purchase from his shop! :) Have a great weekend!

Sarah & Nick


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