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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

10 Easy Afternoon DIY Projects

The best kind of DIY projects are the ones that are quick, easy, and provide almost instant satisfaction. Since Nick and I both work full-time jobs, almost all of our blog work happens on weekend afternoons, so projects that aren't super time consuming are the ones we cling to most. In the past couple years we've made a LOT of projects that take us only one afternoon to complete from start to finish, so today we're rounding up some of the best ones for you!

1. Heart-Felt Sweatshirt - Before we know it that fall weather is going to be rolling in (I CAN'T WAIT) and this sweatshirt with heart-shaped elbow patches is perfect!

Felt / Sweatshirt / Embroidery Floss / Needles / Scissors

2.  DIY Studded Pillows - We love our throw pillows around here and these studded ones are so cute on our futon!

Pillow Case / Studs / Pillow Insert

3. Hand Stamped Metal Tags - Perfect for your indoor herb garden!

Stamping Blanks / Alphabet Set / Hammer

4. Pom Pom Dandelions - So maybe you don't have an indoor herb garden (or a green thumb). These pom pom dandelions require no watering and they're insanely cute!

Yarn / Floral Wire / Vase

5. Marbled Clay Coasters - Pretty and functional? These marbled clay coasters are a win-win.

Clay / Rolling Pin / Mod Podge

6. Easy DIY Chain Bracelets - I still can't believe how simple these are to make. I love them and wear them all the time!

Chain / Jump Rings / Hair Ties / Pliers

7. Ping Pong Ball Lights - The most popular DIY on the blog only requires two items to make! (Okay, plus an Xacto knife, but you get the idea.)

Ping Pong Balls / Christmas Lights / Xacto Knife

8. Pom-Pom Tree - The main ingredient for this project comes right from your back yard! Just pick up some pom poms and make these pom pom trees!

Pom Poms

9. Vinyl Record Bowls - Even better than two items? This one requires ONE (and an oven!) Vinyl records are super cheap at the thrift store and they melt into the coolest bowls!

via (Find some records in a thrift store!)

10. Marbled Necklace Hooks - Our most recent DIY is another marbled clay project. We love these simple but beautiful marbled necklace hooks!

Clay / Rolling Pin / Xacto Knife / Hooks / Nails

We hope you'll give one (or a bunch) of these easy afternoon DIY projects a try! Leave us a comment telling us which is your favorite!

Sarah & Nick


  1. You are the DIY Queen (and king?). All of these projects seem easy but look really great! Thanks for sharing this round up :)