Geometric Yarn Art - The Surznick Common Room

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Geometric Yarn Art

Hi all! We hope that you had an absolutely fabulous 4th of July. Ours was spent with lots of friends, drinks, food, and sparklers. You can catch some photos from the weekend on Nick's and my Instagram accounts!

Today's project is something I wasn't planning on blogging, but it got such a great reaction on Facebook and Instagram that I decided to share it with you! I somehow (literally no idea how) tore a muscle in my foot on Monday night WHILE SLEEPING and woke up in a ton of pain. I couldn't walk or put any weight on my foot without wincing, so I made the living room my home for the day and decided to work on this little project.

Mandi at A Beautiful Mess shared this Graphic Embroidered Art DIY earlier this year and I've been dying to recreate my own. A few weeks ago I picked up the plastic mesh canvas from Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse and made it yesterday while I was couch-ridden and binging on Netflix.

This is a super simple project that turns out beautifully. You really can't mess it up (just don't pull the yarn too tight or you'll bend the canvas!) I imitated a pattern similar to Mandi's since I love how hers looks, but you can really do whatever you want! All you need is a plastic mesh canvas, yarn, a needle (with an eye large enough for the yarn), scissors, and an empty frame.

This project is great for leftover yarn, which I always seem to have after a knitting project. You can purchase an empty frame from a craft store, but I used a frame I had on hand after accidentally breaking the glass in it.

I made up my pattern as I went and chose to use shades of yellow/greens and pink/reds in addition to black and white. It now has a home on the new shelf we added to our bedroom.

What do you think? Is this a project you'll try on your next sick day? :)

Sarah & Nick