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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Coffee Mug Pegboard

Sorry we've been MIA again lately - just over here being busy, busy, busy. Between Father's Day at Nick's parents house, concerts, going-away parties, and getting ready for my best friend's wedding this weekend, life has been a whirlwind! Our next free weekend won't come until the 1st of August, which has me equal parts excited and stressed.

Anywho, we recently added a fun addition to our kitchen that I absolutely love. Sometimes I get a little bit of inspiration in my head and I won't let go of it until I can make it come to fruition. That is precisely what happened with this project - a coffee mug pegboard!

A couple months ago, Nick and I created a little "coffee bar" area in our kitchen so that our coffee maker, French press, coffee, filters, syrups, etc. can all be in one place. It's been really nice to help clean up space on our counter, but I wanted to improve it even more by having our mugs easily accessible too.

We hung the pegboard using the washers technique we mentioned in this post. Then we just added some simple hooks and hung up our mugs! I know we don't have the prettiest mug collection, but oh well - this is what we have! One day I will curate a cute mug collection that will make this pegboard even prettier. The black and white painted mugs are a DIY you can find here.

We also added a digital coffee print that I purchased from Arrow & Apple and had printed via Mpix. Sarah's photographs are so amazing and when I saw this one, I couldn't pass it up (even though we are serious black coffee lovers in this house!) I wish our kitchen was whiter and brighter so these photos wouldn't look so yellow and grainy, but we're renters so we work with what we have! I hope you still like this little pegboard and that it inspires you to add something similar to your home.

So tell us... how do you take your coffee? #BLACKCOFFEEFOREVER

Sarah & Nick


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