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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Out of the Kitchen: Eat Unique

When it comes to city life, I think I've hit the sweet spot with work location. Both my previous and current jobs are in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh (ironically enough they're just across the street from one another). If you're not familiar with the Burgh, Oakland is home to both Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh, which means that there are a LOT of restaurants.

One block of Craig Street alone is home to American, French, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and many other types of food. Our Out of the Kitchen pick this month is a little cafe on Craig that I've been dying to try after seeing so many of my coworkers grab food there during lunch - it's Eat Unique!

The Atmosphere:

The atmosphere for the most part is nice - nothing too fancy. The space is fairly large with a lot of seating, but not much space to wait for your food, especially if you're taking it to go. That being said, we visited on a Friday evening and it was quiet and bright, with large windows perfect for people watching (one of our favorite past times). We also really loved the super bright and bold colors of the walls: green and this great orange.

The Food:

(Nick): This Garden Chili (vegan) was super good. We visited the cafe in the midst of one of our coldest streaks in Pittsburgh this winter, and this bowl of hot delicious chili was incredibly welcoming. Never have I ever had a vegan chili that so perfectly satisfied that need for a good hearty chili.

(Sarah): I think at this point, I'm becoming a vegan-burger-aholic. In addition to recently making our own, a veggie burger has been my go-to when we dine out. I have to say, my favorite is probably still Burgatory, but the Malibu Avocado Burger at Eat Unique was scrumptious. A vegan veggie burger topped with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and brown mustard on a crusty telera roll... how can you go wrong?

Non-vegan recommendation: A few of my coworkers have mentioned that their favorite sandwich is the Meatloaf Melt (A new twist on an old favorite. Homestyle meatloaf served hot on grilled farmbread with blue cheese, barbecue sauce, and bacon.) It sounds so. good. Please eat one for me and then don't tell me how much you love it because you may break my vegan heart.

We'll definitely swing by Eat Unique in the future! Do you have any favorite Craig Street restaurants in the Burgh? Where's your favorite veggie burger from?

Sarah & Nick


  1. Reading this made me hungry. Haha. I know exactly where this place is, but have never been. Mark and I usually walk past it on our way to Lulu's because it was where we had our first date and he loves the prices.

    I might need to convince him to mix up the routine. :)

    PS Burgatory is bee's knees. The end.

    1. I haven't been to Lulu's yet! It's on my list though :) Burgatory and Franktuary are my faaaaaavorite restaurants in Pittsburgh!