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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Anthropologie Inspired Pom Pom Dandelions

Fresh flowers can instantly make a home feel cozier, happier, and more colorful. I know many people that pick up a fresh bouquet every week to keep their home feeling welcoming and cheerful, but truth be told, I am not one of those people. I'm not even one of those people that enjoys getting flowers for Valentine's Day (Nick is eternally off the hook!)

I guess what it boils down to is that fresh flowers provide me only temporary happiness. And if I wanted to buy temporary happiness, I'd rather buy a beer. There isn't really a way for me to substitute a faux beer, but luckily for me, there are a lot of adorable faux flower options, including these Anthropologie Pomdelions. They are absolutely the cutest, but with a price tag of $18 for a set of five, I knew I could recreate these for much less money.

This project is ridiculously easy - you're going to be flooding your home with flowers in no time, a la Max proposing to Lorelai. (I know, I know - those were daisies.)

Here's what you need!
- Yellow/Gold yarn
- Cloth stem wire
- Scissors
- Glass vase(s) (We picked up ours from the awesome Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse - Pgh people, check this place out!)

Here's what you do!
- Wrap your yarn around your pointer and middle fingers about 30 times. Cut the end with scissors.

- Carefully pull the yarn off your fingers and use another piece of yarn to tie a tight knot around the middle.

- Use scissors to cut the loops at each end of your tied yarn. Congratulations, you just made a pom pom!

- But your pom pom needs a haircut, so over a trash can, trim and trim until it looks uniform and the ends of the yarn are even.

- Find the center of your pom pom and the knotted yarn you tied around the middle. Slip the cloth stem wire through this center loop and fold over the end of the wire to secure.

- If necessary, trim the end of the wire to your desired length and then display your pretty dandelions!

I wasn't kidding when I said this was easy, right? Oh, and WAY cheaper than those $18 Anthropologie flowers. I used leftover yarn from this Gryffindor scarf, but a brand new skein is less than $5 and it could make hundreds of these pom poms. A 12 pack of wires is also about $5, but both of these items could be even less with coupons at Jo-Ann Fabric or Michael's.

Think you'll add some cute pom pom dandelions to your home? What other flowers would be cute as pom poms?

Sarah & Nick


  1. You referenced Harry potter AND Gilmore girls in the same post. I think we may be soul mates.

    Also I love the crafts here- so cute! Reminds me of spring... Hope that comes around soon..ll

    1. HP & GG - what could be better?! Thank you for your kind words! :)