Our Harry Potter Christmas Tree - The Surznick Common Room

Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Harry Potter Christmas Tree

This year will be mine and Nick's third Christmas living together. Over the past few years, we've accumulated and made some ornaments for our Christmas tree, but not many of these ornaments have really felt personal to us.

Last year we finally decided to ditch the glittery star Walmart tree topper we had been using and we topped our tree with something that we both loved: The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter! This made our tree so different and unique and we loved that a bit of our personalities was finally shining through. So this year, we decided to go all out and make an entire Harry Potter themed tree!

Reading the HP books and watching the films always makes me yearn for the holidays. The scarves, the fireplaces, snowy walks in Hogsmeade, Mrs. Weasley's homemade sweaters... I just love it. Over the past few weekends, Nick and I have marathon-watched all 8 movies while making all sorts of Harry Potter ornaments to adorn our tree. Some ornaments we bought, some we made, and some we repurposed out of other ornaments. Overall, we had so much fun sipping butterbeers, watching Harry's adventures, and making all of the new ornaments that would bring our HP tree to life. Here's some of what we made!

We turned these plain red and green balls that we already had on hand into Gryffindor and Slytherin ornaments! We just printed out the crests and Mod Podged them to the balls.

Using shiny gold pipe cleaners, we turned these gold balls into Snitches!

Making clay ornaments is so easy! We made a few crests and lighting bolts to add to our tree.

Clear ornaments are perfect for filling with whatever you choose in order to customize your tree. We bought a set and filled some with red ribbon to make Remembralls. Others we filled with some flour to make Floo Powder!

Some sticks from our backyard make some perfect broomsticks! We just hot glued brown yarn to one end and they were ready for some Quidditch!

"Free Dobby" and "S.P.E.W." socks! Some old socks Nick had are just what a Free Elf needs!

We of course can't forget about the beloved Hedwig. This adorable little owl is sitting snugly in our tree branches. (We're kind of tempted to keep him out year round - he's so cute.)

A Harry Potter themed Christmas tree wouldn't be complete without a Gryffindor scarf! I knitted this scarf to tie around our tree and I just love it. I think this is really what brings the whole tree together and it's a unique alternative to tinsel or garland!

Last but not least, we brought out our trusty ol' Sorting Hat to sit atop our tree again. Clearly he's decided that our tree is a Gryffindor, and that works for us!

Have you ever had a themed Christmas tree? What are some of your favorite ornaments that mean a lot to you?

Sarah & Nick