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Friday, December 12, 2014


Happy Friday and 12th of December! Holy cow, it's hard to believe December is almost half way over already. Nick and I have a really fun weekend ahead of us (New York City!!!) and I thought to kick off this weekend awesomeness, I would add even more fun into the mix and participate in the 12x12x12 photo challenge that's happening today.

It's super simple: share 12 photos on 12/12 recapping your year. This was one of the toughest years I've had in awhile, but it was also filled with so many amazing moments that I can't resist doing a little recap of the highlights. There are many, many, many photos to choose from, but I decided to go through my Instagram account and pull one photo from each month. I hope you enjoy! (And sorry for the graininess - phone photos!)


Nick and I celebrated 5 years together! Can't believe that next month it'll be 6 years already. He asked me to be his girlfriend over an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. What a romantic.


February seemed quiet according to my Instagram. Quiet is good though. I've been wanting a lot of quiet lately, but the past few months have been non-stop crazy. I'm actually anticipating a really calm and relaxing Christmas this year and I absolutely can't wait.


The Avett Brothers!!! Any month where I'm blessed with Scott & Seth's presence is pure heaven. This was the best show. (Yes, we were this close!)


Nick and Boog playing a show at a pinball cafe in Lawrenceville. I love seeing the two of them play together. Makes me miss college days.


One year of living in Pittsburgh! We still love our neighborhood as much as the day we moved in.


My first and last froyo experience. Too pretty not to share.


The highlight of July and probably my entire year: our trip to San Francisco! If you want to see a bajillion more photos of this trip, you can find them here!


Visits from my best gal, Bethany. We enjoyed beers on Mt. Washington on an absolutely gorgeous day with amazing views of the city (Heinz Field is pictured).


25th birthday! I loved my birthday dress. I bought it 5 years ago but never wore it because it looks like a QR code (haha). But I finally brought it out for birthday festivities this year and it was perfect.


You already know we had an awesome October between Fall Day and our Halloween Party, but one of my favorite highlights each October is the card we receive annually from our over-caffeinated Halloween secret admirer (aka Mom).


A Saturday morning coffee date with Nick and walking around Oakland. I love this locks bridge. Who needs Paris when you have Pittsburgh?


I know December isn't over, but my favorite moment so far was celebrating Nick's 25th birthday. I did kind of terrible job on his cake, but it almost looks intentional, so I'm rolling with it. At least my decorations were cute!

What are some of your favorite moments of 2014? Join me in the 12x12x12 challenge and share your photos with the hashtag #121212! Have a lovely weekend!

xo, Sarah


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