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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Surznick Reads: November 2014

Well, tomorrow is December! There are so many good things to look forward to this upcoming month and I am beyond excited.

In my opinion, it is officially too cold to do anything outside unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes our apartment is so cold that I feel this way about leaving the couch too. But on the bright side - this is the best time of year for cozying up with a wonderful book!

Here is my one November book! I'm hoping to spend more time in December catching up on my reading now that I'm getting more settled in to my new job. And if you're planning on doing some cozy winter reading yourself, don't forget to check out our Library of reads this year for recommendations!

Sarah's Read!

Inamorata by Megan Chance
From "American artist Joseph Hannigan and his alluring sister, Sophie, have arrived in enchanting nineteenth-century Venice with a single-minded goal. The twins, who have fled scandal in New York, are determined to break into Venice’s expatriate set and find a wealthy patron to support Joseph’s work. But the enigmatic Hannigans are not the only ones with a secret agenda. Joseph’s talent soon attracts the attention of the magnificent OdilĂ© Leon, a celebrated courtesan and muse who has inspired many artists to greatness. But her inspiration comes with a devastatingly steep price. As Joseph falls under the courtesan’s spell, Sophie joins forces with Nicholas Dane, the one man who knows OdilĂ©’s dark secret, and her sworn enemy. When the seductive muse offers Joseph the path to eternal fame, the twins must decide who to believe—and just how much they are willing to sacrifice for fame."

This book was the November selection for my book club and overall I enjoyed it! It was a super easy read and a breeze to get through. It was also refreshing to read a book and know that once it's done, it's done (especially after reading The Discovery of Witches series). Inamorata is told from four different perspectives, which I always find interesting. In this case, it definitely added to the story and helped to build the personality of each of the characters. Upon reading the book's description, I didn't expect a supernatural element to the story, but that provided an interesting twist that kept me wanting to continue reading. The ending was a little disappointing in that it didn't end how I wished it would, however, I was still pleased with the book as a whole. If you're looking for a quick read for over the holiday season, give this a try!

My Rating: 4 Stars

We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday! Have a great week!

Sarah & Nick


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