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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Boos & Booze: Our Halloween Party!

Last night Nick and I threw our first ever Halloween party! We had so much fun dancing and drinking with friends, so today we just wanted to share some photos from our fun night and give you the low-down on our par-tay! Enjoy!

Our Costumes

Do you know who we are?! Well if you're not sure, we're Margot and Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums! Trying to come up with costumes (especially couple's costumes) is always hard because Nick refuses to shave his beard. But this year, he got to keep the beard and I got to be Gywneth so it's a win-win.

Most of our clothes were thrifted for the occasion and the other accessories are from Amazon, JoAnn Fabric, or the Dollar Tree. My purse is from H&M (featured previously in this post) and yes, I DID cut off my ring finger in order to complete the costume!

Food & Drink

We kept the food and drink pretty simple for our partygoers! We had vegan & non-vegan pizza, chips & salsa, a vegan cheeseball and crackers, and vegan "blood splatter" cupcakes. Plus our friends were gracious enough to bring lots of delicious treats, so we hope everyone was well fed! We also made a sour apple cocktail that was sweet and delicious!

The cheeseball recipe I used is one that we fell in love with last year before we stopped eating dairy. I was eager to try it again and make a vegan version and I'm so happy that it's just as delicious. I'll be sharing the recipe in a separate post soon, so stay tuned! I think Dexter Morgan would approve of the cupcakes too.


Almost all of our decorations were $1-2 finds from Five Below and Dollar Tree or homemade from inexpensive supplies. We had a lot of fun planning our decorations and slowly putting everything up over the past couple weeks. The black and orange tassel garland is made from $1 plastic tablecloths and Nick colored those white balloons as eyeballs to hang from the ceiling. Hard to get great photos of the decorations in our dark apartment, but we were both super happy with how everything turned out. I know most Halloween decorations are cheap so they can just be tossed when the season's over, but I'm definitely going to store these for decorating again next year!

We brought out our skull string art that we made last year, as well as switched out some lightbulbs for colored bulbs. Colored bulbs were definitely the game changer here. Overall I'd say our decor is pretty traditional Halloween whimsical, which is A-OK with me! I think our friends agreed!

Nick and I had so much fun making a playlist for our party. We used some traditional Halloween tunes, pulled ideas from Pinterest, and grabbed some songs from our own iTunes libraries. We know Halloween is over, but we uploaded some songs from our playlist into Grooveshark so you can check it out if you'd like. Here it is!

Halloween Party! by Sarah Wissinger on Grooveshark


Last but certainly not least... the highlight of the party. We made a photobooth! This is one of the things I was most excited about. All we did was hang a sheet in our office/workroom and decorate with some streamers and our ping pong ball lights. Since the rest of the apartment was dark, we wanted a bright space where everyone could take photos! We set up our small point-and-shoot camera on the tripod and let our friends go to town, taking funny photos in their Halloween costumes. Here are some a lot of our favorites (it was so hard to narrow it down)!

You know you're awesome when people start showing up to your party dressed as you. Our friend Jason really nailed the "Nick Malburg" costume.

So. Much. Fun. What did you guys do for Halloween? Scary movie marathon? Party with friends? We hope that your Halloween weekend was just as fun as ours!

Sarah & Nick


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