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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sweater Weather

I know, I know... very unoriginal post title. But hey, it is sweater weather, especially here in Pittsburgh. We've had a bunch of chilly days lately and pulling out the coziest sweaters just feels so good, doesn't it?

I'm not really someone that analyzes my closet each season and shops based on what I think it needs. Even though it can be dangerous at times, I'm an impulse shopper through and through. But even more so than being an impulse shopper, I'm a thrifty shopper, and when you add those two together, magical things can happen, like practically this entire outfit.

The Columbus Day sales this year were pretty amazing, and as I was online window shopping about 10 sites at a time, I found myself at Rue 21 where I saw three lovely items: this oversize knit sweater, this wool floppy hat, and these heeled black booties.

The sweater and the hat were in my cart immediately, but I pondered over the boots a bit since I just told you all about how I have already enough booties for this fall. But did you see any black ones in that post? That's right, you didn't - so in the cart they went (and a pair for my momza too!) Columbus Day sales + coupon codes = $8 sweater, $6 hat, and $15 booties. Yes, you read that correctly.

I'm super, super pleased with everything that I purchased. This sweater is so cozy and comfortable and I love the oversize fit. I've seen many a fashion blogger sporting wool floppy hats this season, so I'm glad I can finally join the ranks. Lastly, these boots have been on my feet almost every day since I purchased them. I wouldn't recommend wearing them around the entire day if you're doing some serious walking, but I've worn them to work several times, to a concert, and out to dinner with Nick and they were perfect! I haven't purchased anything from Rue 21 since my college days, but I seriously love everything that I picked up during this sale, so I bet I'll find myself online window shopping there in the future.

Sweater\Rue 21 (exactsimilarsimilar),  Jeans\American Eagle (exact old, similar),  Booties\Rue 21 (exact no longer available, similar, similar),  Hat\Rue 21 (exact no longer available, similar, similar),  Bag\H&M (exact)

If you're following me on Instagram (I hope you are!), then you probably also saw this beautiful, colorful dress that I picked up during the same sale for $8. Have you found any amazing deals this fall that you just couldn't pass up? Let me know!

xo, Sarah


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