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Monday, September 8, 2014

Super Soft Knitted Blanket

Up until recently, my knitting experience has extended only to scarves, mittens, Swiffer cloths, penguin sweaters, and rugs (okay, that's more than I thought...) But I wanted to finally try my hand at a super cozy knitted blanket for the upcoming cold months.

In the past, I've been deterred from knitting a blanket because I didn't want to make it in strips or squares that need to be sewn together. That's the problem with knitting... you can only fit so many stitches on a needle, and that amount is likely not enough to make a blanket. So unless I used some crazy, complicated pattern, I thought this was my only option.

But as it turns out... there's this special little tool in the knitting toolbox called circular needles. I kind of thought circular needles were only used for knitting in the round (i.e. hats and socks and stuff), but as I started researching blanket patterns I realized that I could use circular needles for a large blanket too! NO SEWING! I immediately went out and purchased my supplies and set to it!

Here's what I used!
- Size 17 circular needles
- 6 skeins Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in Sand (10.5 oz. size)
- Scissors

(Yes, I used baby blanket yarn. Everyone deserves a soft blanket, even if they aren't a baby.)

Here's what I did!
- Since this was my first time knitting a blanket and using this type of yarn, I wanted to keep everything super simple. So no fancy pattern here - just regular ol' knitting. Also, this blanket needed to be BIG. Nick's biggest complaint about the blankets we have is that they won't cover him from feet to shoulders. So a big blanket it is...
- I casted on 140 stitches. Then I just knitted, knitted, worked in a new skein of yarn, knitted, watched The Sopranos, knitted, knitted, ate Oreos, knitted, knitted... you get the idea. This baby was time consuming.
- Once I finally reached my desired size, I casted off, knotted, and cut my yarn. By hand, I worked in all of the stray yarn pieces from adding in a new skein.
- My completed blanket is 5'x7.5' (yes, BIG) and also AMAZING.

I'm super proud of this project (as I think I should be). My blood, sweat, and tears went into making it... okay, that sounds pretty gross. But in all seriousness, I accidentally cut my finger while knitting (ouch), and knitting a blanket in a hot apartment in the middle of summer basically means you're covered up with a blanket in a hot apartment in the middle of summer..., and I definitely cried at the Billy on the Street segment during the Emmys (hilarious). So I guess it's true. My blood, sweat, and tears went into the making of this blanket.

This blanket took me about a month to complete, which actually doesn't seem like very long... but I knitted about 3-4 solid hours a day for that month, so it definitely wasn't a quick and easy project that can be cranked out in a few days (like scarves, mittens, etc.)

This blanket also wasn't really the cheapest. I had no idea how many skeins of yarn I would need when I set out on this journey, and 6 skeins at $9.99 a pop isn't cheap (granted, I did use coupons on most of them, so my total cost was less than $60). But I suppose that's my fault for picking out the softest yarn I could find and not caring about the cost. I probably could have purchased a mass-produced knitted blanket from somewhere for cheaper, but that's not the point. I love knitting, and I love homemade things, and I love watching The Sopranos with Nick while I knit and he unravels my yarn ball for me (#truelove).

 photo gifworks_zpsa38e2cb9.gif

Anyone else ever knitted a blanket? How was your experience?

xo, Sarah


  1. That looks so comfy! Though $60 isn't a whole lot for a blanket, especially one that size - you'll definitely get your money's worth out of it.

    1. Thank you! I suppose $60 may be inexpensive for a large, knitted blanket, I've just personally never paid more than $30 for a blanket. But you're right, I'll definitely get my money's worth.

  2. That looks very soft indeed and I'm very impressed at your persistence--that's a lot of knitting to make a whole blanket!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Nick says I have an insane ability to perform tedious tasks for long periods of time, haha. I enjoyed every minute of it though!