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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Birthday Day Date (For $60!)

Guess what, guys? I am officially old enough to rent a car! This past Thursday was my 25th birthday. It was also National Cheeseburger Day, in case you didn't know.

I had work all day on my actual birthday (boooo), but that night we got to see one of my favorite bands, Merriment. Seriously, check them out. Their debut album came out earlier this year and it's one of the most beautiful records I've ever listened to. I was also lucky enough to meet the lovely Christie DuPree, singer of Merriment! Really, a wonderful night.

Anyway, I'm a quarter of a century old now (!!!) so Nick and I wanted to do something more fun than the usual birthday dinner and cake. Since we only spent a few hours together on my birthday, we decided to take off work yesterday and have a full-fledged birthday day date together. Between working full time jobs and spending weekends visiting family, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc., it's very rare to have an entire day devoted to only having fun. Yesterday was the BEST, and we only spent a total of $60 (not bad for a 16 hour date)! Here's a little recap of our day!

Home-cooked Breakfast
I woke up yesterday morning to find that Nick had prepared a huge, delicious breakfast for us! He made a red pepper tofu scramble, toast, and pumpkin spice coffee! Even the bread is homemade! By the way, I'm pretty new to the tofu life, but tofu scrambles are seriously good. Should we share this recipe with you guys soon?!

Walk Around Highland Park
I believe that Nick and I live in one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. There are so many trees, shops, and beautiful houses. We decided to take a walk around our 'hood, stopping at the local bakery for delicious macarons and taking photos of all the pretty homes.

Tacos at Round Corner Cantina
For lunch we headed to Lawrenceville for tacos at Round Corner Cantina! Round Corner is a go-to spot for drinks on the weekend, but we had yet to try their food. We both got the seitan tacos with avocado salsa and they were DEEEELISH. We can finally cross this one off the food passport!

This Is Where I Leave You
After lunch we headed to Manor Theater in Squirrel Hill to see This Is Where I Leave You. Nick and I both love this novel by Jonathan Tropper and the movie was just as good, if not better than the book. No shame in saying that I cried numerous times. The film stars Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver (GIRLS!!!), Jane Fonda, and more. It was amazing. And maybe you'll know what I mean when I say that Jason Bateman wasn't too Jason Bateman-y in this, so that was good.

Drinks at Wigle Whiskey
After the movie we got caught in rush hour traffic (oops, forgot it was Friday!) but finally we arrived at our last stop for the day... Wigle Whiskey! Wigle is a local craft whiskey distillery that we've been eager to try for months now. Their distillery is in the Strip District, but we went to their barrelhouse and whiskey garden on the North Side. We sampled a few of their products, but I ended up getting a Chai Whiskey cocktail while Nick got an Old Fashioned. So yummy.

Pizza and a Movie
Finally we made our way back to our apartment where Nick cooked up a homemade pizza and we settled in for the night with some pumpkin beers and the movie I'm Not There. I had no idea that my hometown brewery, Lancaster Brewing Company, made a pumpkin ale, but turns out they do and it's delicious! Also, Nick makes a mean homemade pizza (crust and all!)

The end of our day was a bit crazy as our street flooded with fire trucks and police cars because the apartment building two houses down from us was on fire. Everyone evacuated the building by the time firefighters arrived and no one was injured. We're glad everyone is okay!

Overall, I had an AMAZING birthday day date. I love living in a city where there's so much to do - I wish there were more days in the week so I could do this all the time! I feel so grateful for all of the wonderful things I have in my life, including this amazing boyfriend who treats me like a birthday queen 365 days a year. I'm so lucky that I get to spend every day with this dude and eat all of the homemade pizza he can make for me.

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! I hope you have a great weekend!

Sarah & Nick


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