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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Concert Clothes

Nick and I had such a fun week! We went to two concerts, both of which were aweeeesomeee. On Monday we saw Langhorne Slim & The Law and Thursday night we saw Eisley and Merriment. I love going to concerts on weeknights because they make the week so much faster and give us something fun to do after working all day. Plus, concerts give me a chance to wear my "normal" clothes that I can't really wear to work since I have to dress business casual.

Here's a little recap of what we wore and some iPhone snaps from each show!

Nick: Jeans\Levi's,  Shirt\H&M,  Sneakers\Adidas Sambas,  Hat\Ehh probably Walmart
Sarah: Jeans\Old Navy,  Shirt\Old Navy,  Booties\ModCloth,  Purse\Urban Outfitters

Nick: Shorts\Vans cutoffs,  Shirt\H&M,  Sneakers\Adidas Sambas again,  Sunglasses\From a gas station (thanks, Gino)
Sarah: Dress (& Belt)\Forever 21,  D'Orsay Flats\Old Navy,  Purse\Target

By the way... have you guys made our seasoned oyster crackers from the last post? I'm eating them as I type this... SO GOOD. Have a fun weekend!

Sarah & Nick


  1. Aww, your floral dress is so cute! And I think it's really fun that you guys got to go to some concerts to add a little adventure to your week!

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