Bedroom Tour - The Surznick Common Room

Monday, April 7, 2014

Bedroom Tour

Over the last few months we've shown bits and pieces of our bedroom, but we decided that it's finally time to show the whole shebang! As with every room in our house, there is more we'd like to add or change, but with time, money, and renting constraints, it's not always feasible. I think we've finally reached a place where we're super happy with our bedroom, so we hope you like it too!

When we moved into our apartment, the bedroom was just a tiny white box; white walls, ceiling, doors, carpet, etc. You'd think this would make the room nice and bright, but it's not. This room used to have two windows, but our landlord closed one of them up (a travesty). The remaining window is in the alley between our house and our neighbor's, so natural light is almost nonexistent (and therefore it's pretty tricky to get decent quality photos - sorry guys!)

We wanted to keep the room feeling as light as we could, so everything that started white has stayed white (as if we could really change it anyway, #renterproblems). To make the room feel a little less plain jane, we've added pops of color and personality that really make the room feel like ours.

Our favorite part of the bedroom by far is this entire wall. We decorated it with colorful homemade bunting (tutorial here) and made a little gallery wall with a bunch of art and photos we love. Everything on this wall means something to us in someway or another. Some of it is homemade, some was purchased, and some was just ripped out of a magazine, but it's all important to us (or at the very least, makes us happy!) Here's a little bit of info about each piece:

1. Painted Lyric Art: Inspired by this project from A Beautiful Mess, I just wanted to make something super simple with lyrics from a song I love. I think the lyrics are definitely fitting for us too.
2. 3 Hands Art: This is something I actually made in a high school art class. It's my initials in sign language! Nick and I found it at my mom's house a few months ago and thought it would be fun to frame and hang.
3. B&W Photo: This is a photo of Steinman Park in Lancaster City that I took for my high school photo class. It reminds me of home, so it's been hung up somewhere in every apartment I've lived in.
4. Andy Warhol Photo: We love this colorful photo of Andy and his flowers.
5&6. Magazine Photos: We found these little photos in Carnegie Magazine. Number 6 is actually a photo of an exhibit that was outside my work this past fall. Just little reminders of where we live!
7. Alexis Bledel Photo: First of all, it is not weird to have a photo of Rory Gilmore on my bedroom wall. People hang photos of Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley, so I get to hang up Rory. Alexis Bledel is gorgeous, plus I'm like the world's biggest GG fan, and I love the quote on it: "Love is not the way it is in the movies." I ripped this photo out of a magazine probably 10 years ago and I had it hanging on my bedroom wall in high school. Clearly, I still love it.
8. Sherri DuPree Bemis Print: We LOVE Sherri. She's the singer of Eisley & Perma, wife of Max, mom to the adorable Lucy, and an artist! (The gal does it all). The last time Sherri came through Pittsburgh we picked up this print at her show. You can see more in her online shop. We're actually seeing Eisley again in three days and we can't wait!
9. The Avett Brothers Print: We're ginormous TAB fans (but you probably knew that). This print was purchased from their online merch store. In addition to loving the print itself, we also love that it was created for a show we went to.

The newest addition to our bedroom is the pom-pom tree we made recently. This is probably the easiest project we've ever done but it has a big impact! You can see the tutorial here.

We shared this project a few weeks ago, but in case you missed it you can read about it here! We made wallpaper out of Kraft paper and Sharpies for our closet doors. We love how they turned out!

Up until about a year ago, Nick and I were using tray tables as our nightstands. Then we found these awesome nightstands from Salvation Army for $5 apiece. The design is so unique and we couldn't pass up the price so we brought them home and gave them a little makeover. Here's a before/after shot!

After cleaning and sanding, we painted them in two shades of gray and switched out the knobs. Good as new!

Nick bought me this "Tambo" print for my birthday a few years ago. The artist is Colin Frangicetto (of the bands Circa Survive and Psychic Babble). I'm proud to support the work of any of the Circa guys, and this print is no exception. You can see more of Colin's artwork here.

Above our bed you'll find two projects we shared here on the blog: our Triangle Wall Art and Wire Goodnight Sign.

We've mentioned before that our bed is wider than the wall behind it, which makes having a headboard kind of difficult. As a headboard alternative, we've decorated the wall with these two projects. We love them both! We especially like the all of the colors that the triangle art brings to the this side of the room.

The last stop on the tour is Jewelry HQ! I love keys, so a friend of mine gifted me this key hook a few years ago. It's perfect for holding all of my necklaces and keeping them organized. The wooden jewelry holder is from Urban Outfitters.

My favorite is definitely the vintage rubber stamp carousel turned bracelet holder. This stamp holder was one of the goodies I brought home from work a few months ago when we cleaned out our office (the same day I brought home the file folders for the triangle wall art!) My boss was going to throw it away, and I couldn't let that happen. It sat unused on our bookshelf for awhile, but I'm glad it now has a function in our home.

And that's it! Like we mentioned when we shared our Living Room Tour, a lot of the items in this room were thrifted, gifted, or homemade, and I think that's what we love the most. If you have questions about anything we shared, don't hesitate to ask us!

Sarah & Nick


  1. I love your bunting and the triangle wall art!! The pops of color definitely make the room more interesting!