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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pom-pom Tree

First - let's have a little debate. Pom-pom or pom-pon? I have never in my life heard pom-pon, but apparently this is what Nick has always called pom-poms. We were arguing back and forth in the pom-pom aisle at JoAnn's and I of course told him that pom-pons don't exist, but then we Googled it and I had to hang my head in shame because he was right. According to Wikipedia, "Pom-pom is derived from the French word pompon." I hate being wrong. But since both are technically okay, we're going to stick with pom-pom from now on. So here we go!

A few weeks ago, I saw this photo on Pinterest and thought that this pom-pom tree was the cutest thing ever. And not only is it cute, I knew I could make it for practically pennies. We picked up a bag of pom-poms, grabbed a few branches from our backyard, and we were off to work!

Here's what you need!
- Small, colored pom-poms
- Branches of different sizes
- Hot glue gun/sticks
- Vase

Here's what you do! (Do I even need this section...?)
- Hot glue your pom-poms onto your branches and put them in your vase! Done!

I love our little pom-pom tree! We recently got rid of the eye sore that was our bedroom TV, and we put the tree in its place. The fun pop of color is a great addition to our mostly white bedroom.

Have a nice weekend! Come back on Monday to find out how bookworm-y we were in March!

Sarah & Nick


  1. I have never heard pompon before--learned something new! Your project turned out cute!!

    1. Thanks! Glad we're on the same page about pom-pom, haha

  2. I think I am going to do this for my new place!