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Saturday, March 8, 2014

DIY Studded Pillows

Almost every time we do an awesome project, I say, "This is one of my favorite projects we've done!" But seriously, this is one of my favorite projects we've done. And from start to finish it clocked in at about 1 hour. Not too shabby.

A few months ago when H&M had 50% off their sale items I purchased two little bags of silver and gold studs for about $1 a bag (... in addition to lots of clothes, i.e. my gray heels in the last post!) At the time, I didn't know what I would use the studs for, but I figured having some extra studs lying around is never a bad idea.

Shortly after, I was browsing around Target and I saw this Nate Berkus studded pillow and thought, "Um, this is awesome, and I can 100% recreate this." But I'm all about giving credit where credit is due, so I need to mention that prior to seeing this Nate Berkus pillow... Nick pitched me the idea of making studded pillows and I shot him down. Bad GF award!

We purchased two 16x16" H&M pillow covers (the same ones we used for our Dip Dyed Pillows) in charcoal gray. These pillow covers are regularly $4.95 apiece, but again we used a promo code and got them for $3.46 each! To fill them we used leftover stuffing that we purchased for the dip dyed pillows, so no additional money spent there (yes!)

Here's what you need!
- Plain pillow covers (purchased or homemade)
- Stuffing (we used polyester fiberfill)
- Studs (any shape, size, color, etc.)
- Ruler
- Sharpie or chalk

Here's what you do!
- First, determine the pattern you want to use. We had gold and silver studs in both triangles and squares. We decided to use gold triangles and silver squares on one pillow and silver triangles and gold squares on the other. Our pillows follow the pattern on the Nate Berkus pillow (all studs equal distance apart, alternating between triangles and squares). We didn't have enough studs to take the pattern to the edge of the pillow, so we left a border around the edge of our design (and there are no studs on the back).
- Our pattern is 5x5 studs, so I knew that there would be a stud in the center of the pillow. I measured the pillow (it was actually about 15.5x15.5") and I used a black Sharpie to make a small dot where the center stud would go. Because the color of the pillow covers is so dark, the Sharpie mark is just visible enough to place the stud, but it won't be seen otherwise. If you use lighter colored pillow covers, you may want to use chalk so that it will come off if it's too visible.

- Next, determine how much space you want between each stud. This will vary based on the size of your pillow and how many studs you plan to use. We used 2.5" between each stud, which left a 2.75" border around the edge of our design.
- Using your ruler and the center dot as a guideline, measure the determined distance and place a small dot where the next stud will go. Complete for the remainder of your pattern.

- Once you've made your dots, you're ready to put in your studs! The ones we purchased went through the fabric so easily, I didn't even have to try. Once you push a stud through, fold over the prongs in the back of the stud to keep it in place. Again, very easy. I just did this with my fingers, but be careful because they are a little sharp.

- After you've attached your studs, just stuff the pillow and you're done!

This project was incredibly budget friendly. For the pillow cover, the studs, and the small portion of stuffing we used, each pillow cost us about $6. The Nate Berkus pillow is ON SALE for $19.99 right now (originally $24.99). We also saved money by opting to use stuffing again, as opposed to buying the H&M pillow inserts for $6.95 apiece.

If you're wondering what happened to the dip dyed pillows, we decided we didn't like the purple against the red futon, so we moved them to our living room sofa (where they're a much better fit!) I like the charcoal color on the futon a lot more than the purple.

How do you guys think we did? Share with us in the comments! I seriously love them (so I hope you do too!)

UPDATE: We've entered this project in the Creating with the Stars 2014 contest! Visit East Coast Creative to see some more awesome projects!

Sarah & Nick


  1. Sarah! I nominated you for the Liebster award!

  2. Those pillows turned out awesome!!

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