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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

This is a drawer in our kitchen. I swear I didn't mess it up before taking this picture... this is just how it is. Everywhere I've lived there's always been a drawer that has measuring cups, spatulas, a pizza cutter, and other kitchen gadgets that you can never find a good place for, and this is ours.

We've been slowing adding things to this drawer and it's becoming not only hard to find what we're looking for, but hard to close the drawer. I'm certain that everything fits, but with it all just aimlessly thrown together, it can sometimes lay funny and make closing the drawer difficult.

I recently saw this pin about using shoe boxes to make drawer dividers and thought this would be the perfect idea for our kitchen. Instead of using shoe boxes, which might be too big for our drawer, we've been saving cereal boxes and a few cracker boxes to make our dividers.

This was such an easy and FREE! fix that has really helped keep our kitchen more organized.

Want to make one of your own? Here's what you need!
- Cereal boxes, cracker boxes, etc. (we used 3-4 different sized boxes)
- Pen or pencil
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Tape or glue
- Kraft paper (optional, if you want to make it look a little prettier!)

Here's what you do!
- First, measure the height of your drawer. Your dividers will need to be this height or shorter in order for your drawer to close.
- Flatten your boxes in order to make them easier to cut. Cut off the top and bottom of your box, as these parts typically have the flaps for opening/closing. We won't need those for the dividers.

- Using a ruler, mark out drawer height sections on the flattened box. Use the ruler to draw a straight line across the box and then cut along the line. The amount of sections you get will vary based on your drawer height and box size. Repeat this process with all of your boxes.
- Next, move everything out of your drawer and basically play Tetris with your different sized dividers in order to find the best fit. You probably won't use all of the sections you cut and you may not be able to fit your drawer perfectly, but this is okay! We have a few oddly sized gadgets that wouldn't fit in a divider so it's nice to have extra space for those pesky outliers.

- Once you've found the best configuration, tape or glue your dividers together. Really, this part can be optional if you choose. Initially I didn't want to attach our dividers in case we ever wanted to change the design, but I decided that it would look a lot cleaner and put-together if we attached them. Plus, I eat cereal every single morning so we'll have plenty of boxes if we ever decide to switch things up!

- At this point, your divider is basically done! If you don't mind the fact that it's not very aesthetically pleasing, feel free to stop here! I wanted our divider to look a little nicer, so we used white Kraft paper that we had on hand to cover the sides of the divider. Now it doesn't scream, "Hey, I used to be Reese's Puffs!" This part just requires some measuring, cutting, and gluing. You could even paint your divider if you want to. Making it pretty is all up to you!

I think this is definitely a step up from our before photo. It's not perfect, but hey, it is homemade and it cost us a whopping $0, so who cares! It's helped us keep this drawer of our kitchen super organized, so we're definitely pleased with the result!

If you have any great kitchen organization tips, make sure you share with us! (This is another one of our favorites!)

Sarah & Nick


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