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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Scrapbook Paper Bunting

A few weeks ago we shared with you a little tour of our living room, but there is actually one wall of the living room that we didn't show in our post. At the time we decided there really wasn't anything worth sharing, considering 80% of the wall is the huge pocket doors that open into our dining room. But lately we've been thinking that the wall really needs something. This is the wall that we face when we're sitting on the couch and frankly it's pretty boring to look at.

As you can see, there's some space on both sides of the pocket doors where we considered hanging some sort of art, but both of the adjacent walls have art on them and we didn't want the corners of the room to be too crowded. Over the holidays we hung some paper star garland in the archway that we really liked, so we decided to take a similar approach to this project. A couple of months ago we made scrapbook paper bunting for our bedroom that we absolutely love (you'll see more of that soon!), so bunting for the living room it is!

Here's what you need!
- Various sheets of scrapbook paper (or any paper you'd like to use)
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Hole punch
- Tape
- String

Here's what you do!
- First determine how big you want your triangles to be. We decided to makes ours with a base of 4" and a height of 6". With these measurements, we can get about 10 triangles out of 1 sheet of paper.
- Determine how many triangles you need to fill your wall. Remember to take into consideration whether your bunting will be tight across your wall or if it will hang loosely. Also consider whether or not you will want space between the triangles or have them touching. (Or if you don't feel like measuring any of these things, just make plenty of triangles and hope you have enough!)

- Draw your triangles on your scrapbook paper and cut them out. We just took our time and carefully cut them with scissors, but you could use an Xacto knife if you prefer.
- Once your triangles are cut out, punch two holes along the base of the triangle. We punched ours close to the corners.

- Lay out your triangles in your desired pattern and thread your string through the holes. We decided to have the string enter and exit the front of the triangles so that the least amount of string showed on the front when they were hanging.

- Once all of the triangles are on the string, measure out the desired space between each triangle and use a piece of tape to attach the string to the back of the triangle, holding it in place. We left about a foot of string before we taped our first triangle, giving us extra room for hanging adjustments. Our triangles are spaced 1" apart.

- After your triangles are spaced out and taped, hang it up! We tied the end of our string around a push pin that we just pushed into the corner of our wall.

I think this was a great addition to our living room. We like to keep our decor fun and a little whimsical, so the bunting fits right in. I really think it helps to bring the room together, but the wall is still feeling a little plain to me... maybe I'll have to reconsider the crowded corners thought... guess we'll see!

We love this project because really, you can make it however you want and it's super cheap! We use scrapbook paper because it's sturdier than regular printer paper and it comes in a ton of pretty colors and patterns. We've just been sticking with solid colors, but they have a spaghetti pattern that was reeeallly tempting (can you say kitchen bunting?! Just kidding). Scrapbook paper is typically about 70 cents a sheet (we got ours 3/$1.00!), but you can use any paper you want and any shape that you want! Completely customizable (and renter friendly!)

Okay, NOW you've seen the whole living room as it currently is. We still have a couple things we'd like to work on, but I like the direction we're heading...

Sarah & Nick


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