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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Orange you glad it's the weekend?

Yay, Saturday! I love Saturday mornings because Nick and I have started a little ritual of waking up and going to get breakfast, coffee, and read for an hour or so. It's my favorite part of the weekend. (See what we've recently read here!)

Since we haven't done an outfit post in a loooong time due to the super cold weather (it's 16 degrees here!), we decided that today we would just suck it up and let the coffee keep us warm. So we're not really showing an outfit outfit, but what better to share than what I've worn almost everyday this winter... boots and my bright orange coat.

I snagged this coat from ModCloth when Nick was still working there (employee discount, oh yeah, oh yeah!) I've always had black or gray winter coats, so I love wearing a bright, fun color to make winter a little less dreary. Plus, the belt is adorable.

I've never had any article of clothing that gets more compliments than this coat. It's definitely a keeper. My boots were a Christmas gift from Nick 3 or 4 years ago. They've been my go-to all winter and have kept my toesies warm and dry for several years now.

Coat\Modcloth,  Jeans\American Eagle,  Boots\Target,  Bag\H&M,  Scarf\Charlotte Russe,  Headband\Knitted by me!

Do you guys have any fun weekend traditions? I'm getting pretty anxious for our weekend tradition to involve sunglasses and sandals. Stay warm!

xo, Sarah


  1. Your winter coat looks lovely! I love colourful winter clothes :)