DIY Wire Goodnight Sign - The Surznick Common Room

Thursday, January 23, 2014

DIY Wire Goodnight Sign

Now that Nick and I have almost finished decorating our living room, we want to work on filling up the plain walls of our bedroom. We've started this a little bit, but the wall behind our bed looked pretty bare, which I attribute to us not having a headboard for our bed. A headboard was not a priority for me when I graduated from college (I was lucky that I could afford a bed frame and mattress!) Last year I decided I really wanted to find an old headboard to paint or fix up but figured I would wait until we were settled in Pittsburgh.

Well, now we're here but we have a problem. The wall that our bed is on is a narrow wall that juts out from the main wall of the bedroom (please see the photos if you don't understand my terrible explanation). Our bed is wider than this wall, so a headboard would stick out on both sides and also block our nightstands from reach (what a bummer). So we've decided against a headboard for now and just want to decorate the wall to give it more life. We've already hung our DIY Triangle Wall Art above the bed, but I think it needs a little more.

I really liked the idea of some sort of nighttime/sleeping related words above the bed, like in A Beautiful Mess's Sleepover Headboard. (I know, I know... we've already established the no headboard thing.) So my next idea was to make something using leftover floral wire from the hat hook in our entryway (that we made following these instructions on The Band Wife blog!) And ta da! Now we have a yarn-wrapped Goodnight sign above our bed.

Here's what you need!
- Floral Wire
- Electrical tape
- Yarn
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Pliers (if necessary)
- Nails and/or string for hanging

Here's what you do!
- Bend your floral wire into any word you choose. Unless you want to, you don't really need to follow a template (I didn't use one!) Floral wire is really easy to bend, so you can do it by hand. Sometimes if it gets kinks in it, you may need pliers to straighten it out. I also used pliers to pinch together the parts where I was doubling up the wire.

- Once I had my general design laid out, I used electrical tape to wrap around the parts where the wire was doubled up, as seen above. I figured this would a) make it tighter and more study, and b) make it easier to wrap the yarn around.

- Next I cut a piece of yarn and hot glued the end to the end of my wire. I figured the easiest approach to wrapping the yarn would be to do it in pieces instead of trying to work a yarn ball through the wire. Then you just wrap and glue and wrap and glue and continue until you're finished! Also, it's okay if your wire bends while you're wrapping your yarn. Mine bent a lot without really trying, so I just put everything back into place once I was done.
- Lastly, just hang it up! We used three little nails to secure ours to the wall.

I think this was a fun addition to our bedroom and I love that this is completely customizable. You could make a sign for anywhere in your house, with or without wrapping it in yarn. I personally love the look of the bare wire in our hat hook, but for this project I wanted to try something different and I'm happy with the results! The yarn helps hide imperfections in the wire, like kinks where it was bent too much, or the black paint chipping, and obviously it hides the electrical tape where we held it together.

Do you have any other great projects in mind using floral wire? What would you make your sign say? Be sure to share with us in the comments! We'd love to hear your ideas!

Sarah & Nick