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Monday, October 28, 2013

Wine Bottle Lights

Hey everyone! We decided it would be best to start off this blog with a project that is super easy (it literally requires almost no effort) and quite enjoyable to complete, if you enjoy a big glass of wine like Nick and I do.

It's wine bottle lights!

These lights are one of my favorite parts of our apartment. Not only are they original and awesome, they're actually very effective and we use them almost every day.

This project kind of came together slowly over time. It started over Christmas break when I was a senior in college. The liquor store had 750 ml bottles of Yellowtail wine buy one get one free, so naturally I got 6 different bottles. After finishing all of them (what a chore), I decided I would hold on to the empties for a little while in case I got inspired to be crafty.

The bottles made their way back to Indiana with me, and along with them went a set of white Christmas lights. I honestly don't remember deciding, "Hey, I think I'll put these lights IN the bottles!" but at some point, that must have happened. The bottle lights stayed with me when I moved into my first apartment after graduation and have continued to move around with Nick and I ever since. We've slowly added to the original 6 and now we have 14 unique bottles.

Where it all started (what a great display spot... my floor at IUP)
Growing... growing...
For awhile I was looking for a new bottle of Yellowtail every time we went to the liquor store, but for now I've decided to max us out at 14 bottles. Plus, I think I'm running out of different styles to choose from. Our lights are displayed on the mantle in our living room and I think they look gorgeous. They put off the perfect amount of light to make our living room feel warm and cozy and they minimize our use of the bright overhead light.

So now the part you've been waiting for... the tutorial. Step 1: Buy and drink a bottle of wine. Step 2: Fill with Christmas lights. That's it. Perfect, right?

One of the other great aspects of this project is that you can tailor it to your tastes. Not a wine drinker? No problem, use beer bottles, vodka bottles, soda bottles, or any other bottle your heart desires. Change it up and use clear bottles with colored lights! There are so many options to personalize this project to fit your home and your personality.

How would you make your bottle lights? Try this project in your home and share your photos with us!

Sarah & Nick


  1. Smart & Pretty idea - especially if you are a wine drinker! Luv it :)